10 Eco-Friendly Startup Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs

More and more people are looking to get into the startup business nowadays. It seems like every day that a new business is being started that’s disrupting the existing business world. Take Uber for example. Uber started up as some idea and eventually turned into a multi-million-dollar business that’s disrupting the entire taxi industry and made its own car-sharing industry. How incredible is that? What if your idea turned into something like that? What if you could make a worldwide change and start an eco-friendly business?

You shouldn’t just be looking to make any idea into a start-up as a young entrepreneur. [pullquote]More and more people are looking into starting up eco-friendly start-ups that not only disrupt existing industries and make a ton of profit.[/pullquote] No, the environment is also on their minds.

With the threat of climate change and the destruction of our natural environment, it’s more important than ever that new start-ups think a lot about helping out with climate change and improving the world in some way.

Businesses are one of the entities that can make the most impact in this area, so what are you waiting for? Keep reading down below to get some ideas of what eco-friendly start-ups you could start.

1. Selling Light Bulbs That Are Super Energy Savers

A great idea to start off with is selling light bulbs that are much more efficient than normal light bulbs. Those traditional bulbs that you might still have in your house are no good for the environment. They don’t last as long and the waste they create when you throw them away doesn’t go away. That’s why it’s a great idea for you to start-up a company that sells super energy saving light bulbs. These are going to last a whole lot longer than traditional bulbs, save money in the long run, and help to reduce waste that contributed to climate change.

2. Selling Recycled Plastic Bottles

If you are going to be starting an eco-friendly startup, then why not go for recycling as your main business model? Recycling plastic bottles and creating new products out of those bottles is a fantastic business to start. Plastic bottles can be made into anything from buttons for clothes to plastic chairs to toys for kids. This is going to seriously help out the environment and will, in the long run, help you build wealth from nothing!

3. Opening Up Your Own Consignment Store

A consignment store is one of the best eco-friendly ideas that you could make into a business. This kind of store is one where people can bring in their old clothes, electronics, and other items that you can then sell at a lower price than normal. This means that people will be able to get rid of their old items without having to throw them into landfills. Plus, you’ll be able to make a profit off of their would-be trash!

4. Starting A Paper Recycling Business

Another great eco-friendly model to work off of is starting a paper recycling business. This is a pretty lucrative trade right now. This is also a great way to help save the environment as there are so many trees that are being cut down to create more paper supply. Why not recycle existing paper and sell it to customers? You could think about this idea in addition to a credit repair company.

5. Starting Up An Ink Refilling Company

Ink refilling might not sound like the most exciting business idea in the world, but it’s definitely one to consider if you want your business to be both profitable and help the environment. Companies and individuals use so much ink on a daily basis. Rather than only giving them the opportunity to buy new cartridges, you can provide the service of refilling the cartridges for them. This is seriously going to cut down on waste!

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6. Developing Green Software Applications

There are tons of ways that you can make your business with green software at the core. Green software applications are a great way to spread the word about environmental topics and how to fight against climate change. When you help companies to develop these applications or create them yourself, your business is going to see some serious cash flow as more and more people are downloading environmental-related apps.

7. Start A Solar Panel Company

Of course, one of the most impactful companies that you can start that’s eco-friendly is a solar panel company. You can create a start-up that creates or installs solar panels in your area of the US. Solar panels are one of the best ways for individual families and companies to start being greener, so you can really help in this respect!

8. Starting An Online Busines In The Service Sector

Gone are the days when accounts, sales reports, employee records, etc., all had to be recorded on paper and preserved in archives to rot as the time passed. Not only did it add to the workload of the employees, it cost the environment a huge number of trees. With changing times, it is wiser to indulge in an online business in the service sector where you can develop software, manage databases, provide accounting services, customer support etc. to other businesses. This will not only save their time and effort but will also ensure that everything is available a click away with no paper involved.

You can opt for online services like recruiting, accounting, credit repair, customer care, etc., to enable large business houses and individuals to go green and get work done!

9. Opening Your Own Organic Store

If you want to get serious about being eco-friendly, then you’ve got to think about opening your own organic food store. These types of stores are super popular nowadays, especially if you provide consumers access to organic produce that’s been locally sourced. This is going to cut down on the amount of processed foods that people eat and produce/meat that’s not been developed locally.

10. Start Up Your Own Landscaping Company

By helping families and individuals with their landscaping needs, you can help them make the greenest choices on their lawns. You can give them recommendations for the best and most green landscaping practices. Plus, starting your own landscaping business is a pretty lucrative choice for your bank account!

And there you have it! Each of these are super eco-friendly ideas that you can use for your next business. Which are you going to choose or do you have other ideas in mind? No matter what idea you choose, make sure you have a great business plan to back it up. That way, you will have a higher chance of succeeding.

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10 Eco-Friendly Startup Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs

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