Why React JS Will Be The Preferred Choice For Companies & Developers In The Next Decade

Bring up the topic of programming and development in any technological space, and you would be met with a barrage of options that are out there. From languages to frameworks to environments, there exist one or more perfect fits that can serve your requirements in the best way possible. But does being spoilt for choice increase your confusion on deciding which language to pick for the perfect career?

The most important point that companies and developers are looking for, is the ability of the language to stand the test of time. Nobody wants to invest their time and effort in a language that is going to be outdated in a few years or will present larger problems when migrating it to better technological infrastructure.

In this context, React JS has always been one of those languages that have withstood the tough times and competition but has continued to be well-received by both enterprises and programmers. Choosing a React course to get trained in the language is the best course for you to ensure a smooth career path and keep in pace with the needs of tomorrow. Here’s why.

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Better Beginnings And Backings

The origins of React are just as interesting as the language itself. Having been developed by a Facebook employee named Jordan Walke, it is less of a language and more of a development framework of libraries for Java. When it found its way into the developer community, it was readily accepted and enhanced to serve even better functionalities and purposes.

Till date, React JS continues to be the backed for Facebook and provides support in various ways. This also makes it a preferred choice for other enterprises since its origin itself has been from a corporation that is leading the technology space right now.

Well-Tested And Supported

The last thing any enterprise would want is a language that shows promise of delivering the world to them but is buggy and unstable in real-time scenarios. Development of an application in a controlled test environment and its stress testing in the real world can make all the difference in the success or failure of a product.

React JS is an extremely stable language that has stood the test of time in a large variety of realistic scenarios. Furthermore, the existence of a burgeoning developer community has only resulted in improved documentation and support mechanisms in place, to counter any issue speedily and effectively.

Adherence To A Mobile-First Outlook

The future is mobile. Don’t let anybody convince you otherwise. The devices of tomorrow are only going to get more compact and wearable in an attempt to integrate,as closely as possible, with human behavioral patterns. Therefore, application development now has seen a shift with its needs not being purely restricted to the web platforms.

Would you rather sit and recode the entire application all over again for its mobile version or would you prefer having an automated way of making it happen? What if there’s a third option that requires neither of it to take place and the code itself can support both?

The third alternative is where React JS wins the day. Its support for application development on mobile as well as the web has turned it into a one-language-to-do-it-all kind of option for many companies and programmers. This is why you find a lot of companies online offering React development services.

Ability To Take On Larger And More Complex Problems

As a person setting up their career in development, you would always want to make sure that the skills you gain from learning a language and using it over the years, can always be put to use in a wide range of scenarios.

People proficient in developing web pages in a language specifically meant to build web pages will have to undergo the entire cycle of learning and adapting if they think of the transition to application development.

Similarly, application development comes in different forms and requirements, some of which may not be for consumers, but for a larger enterprise with complex and intricate requirements. React JS enjoys a position of superiority in this regard. Fledgling developers can quickly get acquainted with the language and begin building apps in the native environment to hone their skills.

At the same time, the React JS framework allows for an acceptance of complex requirements and applications that are able to handle large environments and functionalities. This helps in transitioning to a career within an enterprise and developing their platform as well.

A lot of the aforementioned points can also be helpful while answering React interview questions when applying for jobs. You and your potential employer can then be on the same page with why you both prefer React JS, and how you can bring value to their business.

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