Why Is It Worth Investing In An Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have been around for quite a few years now; however, they have recently gained popularity, especially in larger parts of Australia. With so many companies offering rental scooters, many consumers are left wondering whether they should go for owning one.

With so much popularity, there remains one question to answer, Is an electric scooter worth investing in?

This simple question comes with subjective answers. However, when you weigh its benefits, you will be able to determine whether owning a scooter is worth it. This post will help you in getting all the information, so let’s dig in.

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Factor To Consider While Buying Electric Scooter – The Cost

The price of owning these scooters is not as much as purchasing any other kind of transportation such as a motorbike or a car. However, this factor should still be considered as an important factor.

– Price of buying: Depending upon brand and quality, you can purchase these scooters from anywhere ranging from hundred bucks up to 1500 $. This depends upon the research you do before buying. The price of such scooters depends upon the features you choose to go for.

– Cost of accessories: For security and safety, you need a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. After all, it’s not just fun; keeping a safety apprehension should be a priority.

– Price of charging: The battery needs charging as the battery runs down after certain hours of using it. This can be estimated by consulting your local electric service provider. However, it costs significantly less than what the price of fuel will cost you.

 Benefits Of Buying An Electric Scooter

There are so many benefits to owning these scooters. However, here are ten top reasons you should go for it.

  1. Easy to arrange: These vehicles can be easily arranged, which will take around 10-15 minutes, especially in case you go for foldable ones. You just have to unfold, attach handle grips, and charge batteries.
  2. They are fun to ride: It’s a fun ride that can help you relieve some stress and allow you to relive your childhood days.
  3. They are easy to park: Most of these scooters are light in weight and can fit anywhere easily, be it’s your office, mall, school, or park. You can easily park in bike racks and make use of locks to keep them secure.
  4. No need for a license: Since they run at a slower speed than other vehicles, many cities do not ask for a license to drive them. However, it is better to go over regulations to become familiar with road safety and rules.
  5. Easy to carry it around: Since these vehicles are light in weight. No wonder they are easy to carry on a bus, train, or subways.
  6. Eco-friendly: Since they are electric, they do not release fumes like CO2, making them safe for our environment, unlike cars or other vehicles that release harmful fumes.
  7. Maintenance cost: These scooters require minimum maintenance cost compared to other vehicles, which means no flat tires, fuel cost, or any other technical issues.
  8. They are easy on the pocket: This comes as a huge advantage as they cost far too little compared to other kinds of vehicles.
  9. They do not run on fuels: They require electricity to operate, which is less expensive than a car or bike, which requires fuel which can be costly.
  10. Time-saving: Easy, small, lightweight, they save lots of time piloting through traffic and make you reach faster and quicker.


Yes! Electric scooters are worth every penny and can be pretty exciting to ride around. Affordable, eco-friendly, fun, and full of features make this vehicle worth investing in.

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