50 Siri & Google Now Voice Command Answers Compared

It is no secret that many iPhone users are now migrating to Android smartphones, of course for various reasons. This means that Apple is getting more and more competition, and fanboys and fangirls compare features, stats and prices more furiously than ever before. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good thing! Comparing features is vital for your user experience, so YouTuber PhoneBuff decided to compare 50 voice command answers on Siri and Google Now.

Asking both Siri and Google Now 50 questions is no simple feat, but PhoneBuff certainly pulled it off brilliantly. I am sure you will find some of your most used and useful questions in this block of 50 questions. However, I must say that comparing voice command answers is a little misleading, especially if you want to determine what software has the best response. Some people are looking for information that other people are not, so the result is quite hard to judge whether Siri or Google Now gives the best voice command answers.

But, this fact aside, it’s a truly interesting test that I think a lot of people are quite interested in checking out. I have no doubt that there are plenty of questions and features that you can control on both Siri and Google Now through voice command questions that are not asked in these videos. I think the purpose is to determine how much information is given for each and every voice command used. At least that is how I would determine the “winner” if you will.

Each video is approximately a little under 8 minutes long, and each one (Siri and Google Now) is asked 50 questions, which receive various answers. So which software do you feel is most useful and which one would you call the winner? As we all know, the artificial intelligence of each of these software are constantly added to by the user’s questions and also the developers themselves. I think the real question is if you are a Siri or a Google Now fan? Or even more specific, what smartphone do you haul around in your pocket?

50 Voice Command Answers From Siri

50 Voice Command Answers From Google Now

50 Voice Command Answers

Via: [iPhone Hacks] Image Credit: [MobileSpect]