Here’s Why You Should Cut The Cord And Move To Budget Alternatives

Cable TV networks originated back in the mid-1900s, and it soon flourished in that industry, which led to the boom of the digital era, which included the entertainment and media industry. Cable TV saw multiple upgrades and whatnot, turning it into the most successful industry, but it was all short-lived. Computers soon replaced cable TV, which brought an array of services that streamed video without any cable network.

This technology saw further advancements, and soon cassettes and DVDs came into our lives and took control. But now DVD has phased out completely, replacing it with torrents and online video streaming services.

DVDs are expensive compared to streaming services, and honestly, it is not portable nor reliable. It can get damaged easily. But Cable TV was still a part of our lives until a few years back; it too started to descend towards extinction. Why did we estrange Cable TV after living with it, using it for so long? What went wrong, and who is responsible for it?

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Why Is Cable Tv No Longer In Need?

Cable TV is conveniently replaced by Video on Demand streaming services. Why? People save tons of money every month by simply replacing their cable TV with other services and networks. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many more are trending for their price and the content they offer on their sites. These prices and shows have attracted millions of people who had stopped watching TV a long time ago because of its limited content, ads, and it’s high price in general.

Why spend hundreds on something when you can watch even better shows of your choice, according to your convenience on these services, that too from anywhere. Moreover, there is a wide variety of movies and shows that users can access Netflix in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and anywhere in the world as it offers services worldwide.

For Hulu or BBC iPlayer, you may have to invest in a VPN if you live outside the USA or UK or a region where Disney+ is yet to launch. Nonetheless, there is variety as each service has expertise in a genre or the content they display.

These handful of services are not just it. There are tons of services that are the perfect alternative for cable TV; not only do they provide all the best channels along with movies and shows, but they are way cheaper than cable TV, and they stream across multiple devices. You and your family can watch different shows on your devices at the same time.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives

Sling TV

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One of the cheapest options for a live TV streaming service. Starting from $30, it offers many plans on its website, which divide its channels based on entertainment and news. Sling TV is available on all software and is compatible with all top devices along with streaming devices like Roku, Chromecast and even has access to gaming consoles.

Hulu + Live TV

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An extension to Hulu, the service is one of the affordable alternatives. The best part about it is that it offers live TV along with the vast selection of streaming content, which we can find on Hulu. The service is priced for $54.99/month, and it is available on all major streaming devices and software.

Fubo TV

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Slightly expensive in the TV streaming family, but overall cheaper than your regular TV services. FuboTV is the best service for sports lovers. Its base plan has over 100 channels, which are excellent; with all the leading channels like ABC, CBS, etc. available on the service, you would have a massive variety of shows you can watch on-demand. Fubo TV costs around $60 with offers for multiple add-ons with some additional price.

BBC iPlayer

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A streaming service where you can watch all the live TV channels, enjoy TV programs and stream all your favorite shows from the BBC.  Probably the best thing about BBC iPlayer is that it is free! You can stream all the content on their website for free. It is available on all the major app stores and is compatible with all the devices, making it accessible from all ends and mediums.

Final Thoughts

An average household spends way more on their cable TV bills than all other utilities combined, which usually exceeds $200 per month. And the numbers are only increasing with each day. With so many options available, why is cord-cutting even a matter of discussion? Just do it and save almost 3/4th of your monthly bill.

Moreover, it will provide you with more freedom to access the apps from any platform anywhere without missing out on your shows with options for DVR on the majority of these streaming services.

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