Will It Fly? – Dude Reverse Engineers Mayan Space Vehicle

How many times have we heard about the end of the world, and how many times has it been depicted in movies and songs? I’d say too many, but that isn’t the point. The world is in a constant need for breaking news and odd facts about the state of the human race. However, if you look around the world and take in all the wonders and marvels that have been created before any real technology was there to help achieve it, even I start to wonder what was going on at that time. Not that I am a huge believer in aliens or any green people from space, but it’s quite intriguing to know it’s all depicted in stone and papyrus before any of these things even existed.

Sure, there are many different ways to interpret these things and quite honestly they really look like birds with a twist. One guy wanted to take this just one step further to see if he could solve some of these mysteries. That guy is Dave Herbert. He is a hobby model plane aeronautic who decided to build what seemed like a “space vehicle,” or at least that’s what he thought it resembled.

The first try didn’t work so well due to using too much bondo for the vehicle to fly. A few tests with it showed that indeed the vehicle was flight worthy, and he decided not to give up. A second try and all those kinks were worked out. Imagine his surprise when it had far better aeronautic abilities than he had ever imagined. Everything is exactly as depicted in the image of a solid gold Mayan space vehicle from thousands of years ago. Now my question is… Can you explain this?