WiTricity | Wireless Electricity The New Standard

So, we are finally there! And I can’t tell you how happy this clip made me from the second I saw the title of it. It’s environmentally safe, it’s non hazardous as it’s not radio waves but magnetic fields that power up your gadgets. And the best thing of it all is that it’s cordless. YES! I bet almost all of you have a snake nest under your desk with entangled cords that is just in the way and also looks bad.

But what’s coming is a great new invention already working (with a slight modification) on consumer TVs, cellphones (iPhone, G1 and Nokia to name a few) and pretty much every other gadget you can think of that already exists. Even cars! This new technique is already consumer ready and it won’t be long now until it’s the next standard in any home and garage etc. Imagine never again having to plug your cellphone, TV or whatever you can think of, into a a power socket. The guy inventing it should get the Nobel Prize if you ask me.

One question remains that is not discussed in this clip is how they will be able to bill us if there is power pretty much all around us? Also, what does the governments think of this? They are always against things that enables us the freedom this will give us.