Iron Man Helmet Equipped With Epic Working Beats By Dr Dre

When you have reached a level of quality that the end user enjoys, it’s important to ask whether or not the innovation can be refined. We have seen that a lot within the field of technology, and our smartphones are within that range of devices. But when it comes to more unconventional devices, such as the Iron Man helmet, we are faced with a different problem. How can you take something that hasn’t yet been realized and refine it to make it better?

For some people, that question can be both misleading and obnoxious and possibly impossible to answer. But for people like Jay May, it’s not a matter of fact or fiction, it just has to be done. When it comes to the Iron Man helmet, Jay only found one thing puzzling, and that was how to make it even more impressive than it already is. So how do you do that?

Jay created the Iron Man helmet, but he also added a pair of the awesome Beats by Dr Dre headphones. This addition is of course something that makes perfect sense, right? I have to agree that it does, but we didn’t think of it until we heard about it, did we?

The sad part about this Iron Man helmet project is that Jay will not be keeping his awesome creation since it was made and commissioned for a DJ. Yup, somewhere out there some of you will enjoy the sight and awesome music from a DJ wearing one of the most epic Iron Man helmet headphones in existence. This should definitely raise the party to a whole new level.

I can only imagine what it must be like to wear one of these badboys as you’re standing in a hot facility blasting music until the sun comes up. Good thing Jay managed to add a fan inside the helmet to cool off the user as he’s turning them old vinyls all night long. Or maybe they are using CDs nowadays. Either way, in my opinion, a respectable guy in an Iron Man helmet with added on Beats by Dr Dre headphones should definitely be turning vinyls instead of CDs, right?

Jay May’s Commissioned Beats By Dr Dre Iron Man Helmet

Iron Man Helmet Beats

Iron Man Helmet Beats