Fully Functional Electrical Iron Man Mask Creation [Video]

When the first Iron Man movie was released, the world became fanatic about gadgets, devices and innovation. Everyone wanted to become Tony Stark, even if just a tad. Some people even mimicked the Iron Man suit to almost ridiculous detail in order to experience what it might feel like to wear one and become Iron Man himself. However, there is one guy who has gone further than most people, and he created a working electrical Iron Man mask that you just have to see to believe.

When someone becomes almost fanatically dedicated to a dream, anything is possible. That is exactly what a Chinese man (who also created one of the coolest Iron Man suits to date) has realized. He took the knowledge he accumulated from creating the tier one Iron Man costume and applied it to a new build. This new build is only the Iron Man mask, but it shows that this particular person is most likely capable of creating a fully functional (to some limited extent of course) Iron Man costume that will be more than amazing when it’s done.

This Iron Man mask is a marvel to behold. With LED eyes and with the front panel being fully functional (meaning the face can be opened just like in the movies), this thing can almost not get any cooler. In this Iron Man mask build video, you will be taken through the entire process of putting this badboy together. It looks to have been quite a process if you ask me. Everything is carefully sculpted, cast and painted – not to mention the electrical wiring and programming it took for the mask to perform like the real one in the movies. If anything, this dude is quite smart and knows his way around technology.

My hope is that he will create the whole costume with all the features incorporated – that would be a feat worthy of anyone’s attention. Not only that, but it would make for a sick Halloween costume, that’s for damn sure. It might take a bit of time though considering the Iron Man mask took what looks to be weeks to complete. But for now, we are left to behold and be mesmerized by this Iron Man mask, and personally I think that is just fine. This Iron Man Mask is going to become legendary, I tell you.

Chinese Man Builds Working Iron Man Mask