World Record In Overclocking A Processor

I thought I had a pretty impressive computer with my 2,4Ghz – 2*Quad Q6600, 4Gb’s of RAM and NVIDIA 2*GeForce 9800GT graphics cards. Well, turns out my computer is nothing but a turtle in comparison to the fastest overclocked computer in the world. And imagine it ONLY(!) took 500 Liters of Liquid Nitrogen, 500 Liters of Liquid Helium, AMD Phenom II X4 Processor and “Dragon” platform technology.

Yup, stuff that anyone has at home or in the basement. You know, regular stuff! MY GOD! What is the next step?? Just the knowledge that they reached -242 degrees Celsius is just…Wow! If anyone has any idea how to break this please come forth. I wonder how well this computer would have performed against the Jaguar earlier published here (The Worlds Most Powerful Computer).