World’s Largest Curved Gaming Screen Spans 160 Degrees

Console and computer gaming have come a long way since the ’80s. We have come so far that we are now blurring the line between fiction and reality. It’s a very intriguing thought, but also a very concerning and scary one. The more we blur the line between what we see on the screen and our own reality, the scarier games will get and the harder it will be to tell them apart. That is further enhanced with the world’s largest curved gaming screen recently announced.

This innovation comes from a Sweden-based manufacturer and developer by the name of Norman Design, and it could possibly be the world’s largest gaming screen ever presented. This 160 degree curved gaming screen is actually a back and front projected screen that will immerse the user to the point where reality starts to merge with what’s on the screen.

In a demo, the manufacturer plays a racing game that certainly immerses the user to the fullest degree. Imagine playing Grand Turismo on this screen, maybe even Grand Theft Auto – now that would be an experience not many people have had the pleasure to enjoy.

This curved screen measures 4 m width and 0.7 m high and weighs about 50kg, so it’s definitely not something that you just haul around to a LAN party or to your friend’s house for a kick ass night of gaming, that’s for sure. The max resolution is somewhere around 9 million pixels, but in October, the company is going to build screens that have the resolutions of 4800 x 1200, 5760 x 1080 and 6400 x 1200 with a smarter profile system and soft rear foil that is easily mounted.

It’s all run by 6-9 projectors behind the screen with seamless imaging. The company is currently looking for distributors and partners in order to bring this insane gaming screen to users around the world. Whether that will happen or not is of course up to you, the users, so pass the word and make sure people know about an option that they will certainly not find in any of their local computer stores. There is no word on the pricing yet unfortunately.

Norman Design’s 160 Degree Curved Gaming Screen

160 Degree Gaming Screen

160 Degree Gaming Screen

160 Degree Gaming Screen