World’s Most Intricate Watch Is Pure Future Steampunk

There is an overload of different watches in the world, and the prices of course vary quite a lot. Most people choose the most ordinary ones since those seem to be best suited for their use, which is mainly to tell time. But if you are a collector and really like odd and less ordinary watches, you’d do best in looking on the Internet to see if you can find some. There are quite a lot out there, as I said, but they usually cost a little more than the basic batch. Some are even worth their weight in diamonds. I love watches, as some of you guys know, and I try to pick the ones that best represent my style and overall taste in clothing.

I just couldn’t resist writing about the Devon Tread watch since it is one of the most intricate watches I have ever seen. I don’t get to look inside any of my watches very often, so it might be that they are way more intricate than this. However, this Devon Tread watch really blows my mind to pieces. It’s everything a steampunk lover could ever want. If you love watching the wheels, cogs and gears do their thing then this thing is the badass choice for you.

It has an insane amount of visual features that will certainly make you excited to the bone just looking at it. With this piece of technology, you will become addicted to checking the time, I tell you. The price might be a little bit of a turn off since it is now priced at $17,500 for the most basic model and up to a cool $19,500 for the most advanced one. If you got the dough then by all means geek it up with this insanely cool steampunk time delivery.


Via: [Geekosystem]