World’s Smallest Cell Phone Charger Is Smaller Than You Think

I remember having a Motorola bag phone back in the ’90s. It came in a big, bulky black bag, and it had a cord like a rotary phone. Back then, people only used their mobile phones if there was an emergency, and I don’t ever remember being worried that the battery would run out. These days all that has changed, and keeping our smartphones charged is something we all have to think about on a daily basis. How would you like to carry a cell phone charger around on your key ring?

This is the world’s smallest cell phone charger, and it about the size of a quarter. It’s not meant to be your primary charger, but it’s meant to be carried with you in case of an emergency. It will allow you 20 – 30 extra minutes of talk time if your regular battery runs out. Of course, that equates to a few hours of your phone being charged if you aren’t using it (in case you are waiting for an important message or call).

Another smart feature of this cell phone charger is that it holds its charge for a minimum of a month. That means you can carry it around on your key ring for a whole month without even thinking about recharging it.

The name of this tiny cell phone charger is the Devotec Fuel Micro Charger, and it’s another hugely successful startup on Kickstarter right now. They were initially seeking $20,000, and with 15 days to go, they have raised over $61,000 (at the time I’m writing this). In other words, if you order one for $20 on their Kickstarter page, it’s a sure thing since the campaign has already been funded. Right now they only have these badboys for Android phones, but they are working hard to release the iPhone version very soon. I can see this being really handy even if you’re just delayed because of a traffic jam or something. What a handy little gadget!

World’s Smallest Cell Phone Charger

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Via: [Business Insider]


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