World’s Smallest Playstation Gaming Console Fits In Your Hand

I have to admit that there are so many new consoles constantly being launched that I have totally lost track of most of them. It was definitely easier when there was just the Nintendo and Sega. Back then you knew where to look for the latest and greatest games, and you didn’t have to worry about a new upgrade coming up within a year after your purchase. Today it seems everyone is trying to get their piece of the pie and launch the most ridiculous concepts. Some have gone down in history as the most costly fails ever, and I am sure that has to hurt being the driving force behind them. The ones that succeeded like XBox, Nintendo and of course Playstation are all making great headway with what they are doing.

As always, some people just want to make them smaller and smaller. Some of them are so small that you can hold them in the palm of your hand. Reddit user r2002 managed to find a truly ridiculously small version of a Playstation console that might just be the smallest ever created. It’s one of those rare moments when you start wondering how the heck someone managed to put all those details into something so small and still make it look perfectly real.

Whether it works or not is not the question. If it does then man this person must have spent a lot of time working on the interior of this thing. My guess is that it is just a replica of a full size Playstation, and this one only serves as the smallest Playstation ever created. It would be really cool if it did work though. I mean, to try and beat a game on this badboy would be a challenge for sure. You have to be impressed by the sheer detail of this thing. It’s nothing less than amazing.