Innovative ‘World’s Thinnest Keyboard’ Is Thinner Than You Think

Do you know how thick a millimeter is? I looked it up today. Here are some things that are about one millimeter thick: a piece of paper, a fingernail, a smallish raindrop, a biggish grain of sand and a lowercase ‘o’ when typed in Times New Roman size 10. Now, take that thickness and divide it in half. The recently announced ‘world’s thinnest keyboard’ is half a millimeter thick. It’s so thin I bet it would be easy to misplace it. Is there such a thing as too thin?

Obviously since this is the thinnest keyboard, it’s also the most lightweight keyboard. It comes complete with a flexible, wireless touchscreen. This ultra thin keyboard was created by a collaboration between CSR and Cambridge Inkjet Technology. When it’s available (which will be about a year from now), it will most likely be used as an external keyboard for tablets.

Since the interface for this keyboard can be printed, that means it can be customized. That’s great news for people who might want to have their keyboard in a different language or for a coder who wants the keys in a more optimized sequence. Just because this is the world’s thinnest keyboard, that doesn’t mean it won’t be available in other sizes when it’s released. There will most likely be several sizes and shapes to fit all different kinds of tablets. Some may be colored, and others may be transparent.

There are really no limitations to how creative one of these wireless keyboards could be. CSR is known for other innovative technologies they’ve produced like wireless Beats headphones and the Nike Running gadgets. If this is anything like their other products, we can expect to see something very high quality.

The World’s Thinnest Keyboard Is Thinner Than You Think


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