Wrist Charger Puts An Emergency Power Source On Your Wrist

Most of us have at some point found ourselves in the annoying situation when our battery runs out on our mobile device. At that point, there is little to be done other than trying to find a power outlet or USB device so we can charge our device once again. When you start thinking about it, it’s really an unoptimized solution which should have been solved by now. There are of course devices out there that can at least help ease this annoyance. The wrist charger is one of those devices.

It’s a pretty simple yet clever idea that turns a helpless situation into a pretty decent one. Say you find yourself in a situation where you badly need to make an emergency call. If you run out of battery, there is little you can do. Wouldn’t it be perfect if you had an emergency power source which you could simply plug into your mobile device? At least then you would be able to make that call or even just download that file which you forgot to bring with you from work.

The device is simply called the Universal Gadget Wrist Charger and is, as I said, a wrist charger that looks very much like an ordinary watch. The device will connect to most popular mobile devices including iPhone, iPod, Nokia I & II, Kindle, LG, Samsung and a whole bunch of other mobile devices. The wrist charger holds up to 1,500mAh and has LED light indicators that will tell you just how much power you still have left in your wrist charger. The concept is genius.

It is made available by ThinkGeek and retails for just $39.99. The wrist charger is a “while-in-use” device, which means that you can charge your device while using it. The wrist charger will simply supply your device with power while you are actually using it. With this wrist charger, we no longer have to feel stranded when our batteries run out on our mobile devices. I can think of about a thousand different situations when this would come in handy. The question is whether or not you will be prepared when it happens.

ThinkGeek’s Wrist Charger Emergency Power Supply