Write A Note Or Article Easily With QuietWrite

I like writing when I am at home and everything is quiet, and I can think.  I just grab something cold to drink, jump on my bed, open my computer, and write.  When the inspiration is flowing, I can write for hours.  However, there are occasions when we want to step out of the house, take a short walk, go to a coffee shop, grab a good cup of coffee, and write till our heart’s desire.

There are times when an inspiration may hit you, but you may not be on your computer.  Sometimes we may lose that inspiration because we want to write it down but can’t, or because it’s a hassle to email it to ourselves so that we can continue and finish it at home.  It can be frustrating and tedious.  Good thing now there is a cool site that my friend @spacepuddle shared with me.  It’s called QuietWrite. It’s an online writing site that allows you to write notes, articles etc..  Another feature is that you can also write a blog and publish it instantly.  If you use WordPress, you can export your piece easily to your own blog.

The next time you are faced with a situation where you just want to write your piece, an idea or just a thought, why not go online and try QuietWrite?  For those new to blogging, if you would like to see if your theme for a new blog will pick up, why not share your work with the QuietWrite community?  It is always great to have others preview and make recommendations via a community.

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Main Image Source [Zhukov Oleg / Shutterstock]