Writer Contest | Announcing The Winner!

A little over a week has passed since we announced the three remaining finalists and it’s time to reveal who managed to bring us the most interesting and personalized article and ultimately brought home the last spot on the Bit Rebels team. As last time, it hasn’t been easy to choose and in the end we had to let everyone individually evaluate the article in itself, statistics and the way they have been able to present their stuff to the masses. Let me tell you, it was way harder then I could have imagined. So hard as a matter of fact that I personally had to wait to the very last second to put down my vote into writing. I know the other¬† writers of Bit Rebels also had trouble picking and all of them sent in their vote today, which was the last day to submit their candidate for the winner spot.

I want to point out that all of the candidates that submitted their interest for the last remaining spot on the team isn’t considered losing. We will revisit this contest in several different ways to invite them for guest posts if they are up for it. So, to all of you people that submitted your interest make sure to check your inbox as you will never know when you will be receiving a guest post request.

Now, without further ado let’s present the winner of the writer contest and appropriately congratulate this person with a huge “Welcome to Bit Rebels! The place where all things are weird and wonderful!

I, together with the rest of the Bit Rebels family, am proud to announce that the winner of the writer contest is… (Drum Roll)

Christian Louis CollardName: Christian Louis Collard
Motivation:His article is entertaining, genuine, informative and fits the Bit Rebels genre like the “Hand” in the glove. His dedication and ingenuity to his own article as well as articles written by other Bit Rebels writers is in true team spirit and goes well with the motto we share as a team.” – Bit Rebels Team

So Christian, welcome to Bit Rebels! Be prepared for quite a ride and don’t forget to bring your biggest hat. It will be raining “weird” and “crazy” throughout the ride. We are truly happy to have you as a member of the team and as the “New Guy” (or rather as you will be called… “The Mini Rebel”) you get to fetch the coffee. ;)

Nah, we’re all looking forward to your next article. So much that we right now are wondering why you’re still reading this. Git…GIT! Still reading?

Special thanks to Lumax Art for letting us use the awesome Golden Boy picture!