You And All Your Friends | Twitter From The Same Chair

Now when Twitter is such a huge force in peoples lives and business there is no end to how much time a person is ready to spend on getting the latest and greatest news out on the Internet and to his/her followers. Sadly I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of it yet and I am sure we’ll see someone fall victim for the furious Twittering climate that is on a rising front. Hopefully we’ll see people stay tweeting just the way they are but you never know, right?

If you are Twittering through long hours, it is important to have a comfortable chair to park your behind in so that your back doesn’t hurt from excessive Twittering. Also, mandatory should be to have a phone nearby to get some real interaction to still feel connected with the rest of the world. The real world. Or at least that has been the thoughts of many now when Twitter is such a big part of their life. There is a solution for that lonely feeling you sometimes feel when sitting for hours on end typing away on your keyboard just to get a few messages out to your friends and colleagues.

The solution, created by designer Jie-Jyun Lyu, is called “Shair“. And no I didn’t spell that wrong, it’s a word game played on the words “Share” and “Chair” to incorporate the multiple use of this one chair.

So what’s so different about this chair? It’s the very core of it really that is going to change how you will offer to go and pick up another chair for your friends when they come to visit. Or not really. This chair is several chairs in one. Yeah, it sounds a bit odd but when you look at the pictures it’s quite clear why that is.

You simply pull out one of the pillows making up the chair you sit in and it will unfold to create yet another seat for your friend. This could be the ultimate solution for the conference room at some of the edgier Internet companies around the world. Don’t expect to see this in the conference room at Ericsson however. The “Ties” aren’t a custom to sitting on the floor I suppose. I, for one, really like the design of it and would, in a heartbeat, buy it to have it in the studio. It would be perfect when writing new songs with other writers and producers.