6 Best Sleep Apps To Monitor Your Sleep

For people out there living with insomnia, obtaining those restful nights of sleep can be a difficult and frustrating part of life. This isn’t a small issue either; in fact, this particular barrier to sleep affects around 35 percent of the population of America!

The negative implications associated with insomnia mean you can be affected on both a physical and mental level, leaving you feeling well under-par and unable to function properly – even in general day-to-day life.

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If you have been seeking out some useful ways to help deal with insomnia and other sleep-related issues that are preventing you from drifting off, then you’d probably be forgiven for thinking your smartphone is the wrong thing to turn to. However, just as it has become so helpful for other aspects of life, it can also be a wonderful resource for achieving deeper, most restful slumber.

Below, we’ve collated six of the best sleep apps for iPhone and Android that will allow you to better understand your insomnia, effectively track your sleep patterns, and ultimately, get some much-needed sleep.

The apps we have picked out have been chosen based on their user reviews, quality, and reliability on the whole as a means of encouraging higher-quality sleep and reduced bouts of insomnia.

1. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle has received five-star reviews from iPhone and Android users, giving it a real authority in the world of trusted sleep apps. This sleep monitor comes complete with a patented technology that has the ability to track and evaluate your sleep patterns via sound or vibration analysis.

Once the app has stored the data, it then generates easy to read graphs and reports that allow you to visualize each night’s sleep in a simple way. It shows you what stage of sleep you were in and at what time. Also, it can wake you at the optimal time (which is adjustable) so you aren’t startled by the alarm going off, helping you to feel less groggy throughout the day.


Not just an app to help with your nightly sleep, it is also on hand to aid with your daytime napping too, and all thanks to the relaxing sounds that are included in the app. Pzizz’s sleep tracks have been specifically designed for both nap and overnight use, allowing you to get the best from them when you need them. You can find additional features in the app if you enter into a subscription too.

Look forward to what can only be described as a cosmic listening voyage, with your choice of a male or female voice-over to guide you on your journey into the Land of Nod. A nice touch is that you can individually alter the volume levels of the music and the voice-over.

Sleep Genius

The Sleep Genius app has been designed with the use of neurosensory algorithms to effectively create sounds that can be utilized to guide your brain through a complete sleep cycle.

The purpose of this is to help your brain prepare for sleep, to aid higher-quality sleep, and also to wake you up at the optimal time for your own mind/body. The app’s sounds go further than their relaxation skills, and are actually based on the science that NASA applies to help astronauts achieve maximum rest, which must mean that it’s probably worth trying out!

Nature Sounds Relax And Sleep

Do you live in a city environment? If you do, or even if you don’t, but just enjoy the sounds of nature, you can do so with this great app! You’ll find a vast selection of nature sounds to assist your transition from hectic daily life to a slowed down, restful state.

Simply, allow the start timer to begin and let the audio tracks sooth and transform your capacity to relax and unwind. What’s more, you can use the sounds on the alarm or ringtone settings in your phone to give you some further relaxation, or pleasant feeling when you get a notification.

Relax & Sleep Well

The creator of the Relax & Sleep Well app is a man by the name of Glenn Harrold. He boasts more than two decades of hypnotherapy experience, which means he knows his stuff when it comes to shaping the mind to do what you need it to; in this case, switch off and sleep.

You can benefit from a host of more than 80 hypnotherapy and meditation recordings via in-app purchases, not to mention programmes that are specially tailored for people suffering from issues such as anxiety.


Lastly, the Digipill app sleep-assistance with a twist. It acts to ‘prescribe’ digital pills, or guided meditations, for various conditions, including insomnia and anxiousness. However, there are no ill-effects such as drowsiness that you might find in regular sleep medications, leaving you free to enjoy what’s on offer.

Each Digipill on the app has been exclusively formulated using precise blends of sound and language to gently engage and activate your mind and support good sleep. It’s through this, that it becomes simpler to foster change, create new and improved habits, and support an overall awareness and feeling of wellbeing.

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