Source Living – Could A New App Be The Key To Our Happiness?

Last month, I was searching for more in my life, so I started listening to Jason Silva, Prince Ea and a host of similar YouTube thought leaders searching for answers, hoping to find greater love, happiness, and a more meaningful life experience. Like a lot of current influencers, I found them inspiring, but their wisdom did little for me at a personal level other than to give me the hope that if they were indeed so in tune with life, maybe I too could transform to such a high level of understanding. Introduce the SOURCE LIVING app.

Maybe my message to the universe was getting stronger because seemingly out of nowhere, a friend told me about a free personal development App with hundreds of videos of totally unique life-changing content called SOURCE LIVING. Think of it as a Social Media App for the spiritual-minded with practical wisdom from the universe that helps to quickly make sense of everything and optimize your life, whatever that means to you. As one of the thousands of Source Living community members said in an App Store review, Source Living – “has life-changing wisdom and tools broken down into steps and methods a child could understand.” I couldn’t agree more with this reviewer.

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We are one of the generations that’s supposed to experience greater happiness (see Coca Cola study on Happiness) and a better life because of technology but I immediately wondered if this was going to be yet another promo promising me everything I ever wanted by some dude who claims to fame is selling others on how to succeed. Just like when we get excited about a new love interest, a career opportunity, or anything else that seems to have tremendous potential, I was at a stage where I really wanted something profound to happen and I wasn’t disappointed.

[pullquote]The Source Living video meditation is unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced in years of spiritual practice and a simple viewing of it led me to an incredibly peaceful and relaxing feeling in six minutes.[/pullquote] The wisdom in the app, called principles, is definitely unique in that each one contains a video insight with the potential to help you substantially improve your life based on where you are now and how far you want to go in the future. Many of the 300 principles unlock in the free version when you play a game and they open up as you evolve by sharing the app and giving and receiving rewards with other members.

The Evolution Circle, which is the Source Living App community, consists of more than 20,000 Millennials recording 30-second videos, comments and conversational insights, as they powerfully and rapidly transform into elated beings experiencing all new levels of happiness, love, and connection where many of them discuss having previously suffered from boredom, apathy, frustration and varying degrees of pessimism, some even harboring suicidal thoughts and helpless feelings. What is very clear is that Source Living is a place where people from all walks of life are more positive, relaxed, connected and often completely energized about life in as little as one day.

The profound need for a social media app of this kind is further emphasized by the enthusiasm member’s express that finally, a community exists where a universe of fellow spiritual travelers can evolve together. (See Harvard study that says embracing community helps us live longer and happier)

Below are small samples of REAL experiences taken from the thousands of Source Living members in the app that they have posted as videos, comments, and app store reviews.

Store Reviews And Chat Messages

I want to thank you for making this app…I’ve been having trouble as of late, almost committing suicide a couple of times. A friend told me about meditation but I’m ADHD so I could never sit still long enough, but this app is amazing. It’s beautiful and I’m really experiencing the kind of calm that I’ve been looking for.” – Maxine

The App is too good to be true. Its essence is proof that there is good in the world. Just give it a shot and see for yourself.” – Abasiodu

It made me find happiness in the world that I never knew was there.” – Lovely

A great App! Has life-changing wisdom and tools broken down into steps and methods a child could understand.” – Drew

It helps with relaxing the mind and helps you see what’s really important in life. We all heard it before but this puts it in a better picture I think” – Mike

I have been into this “how the world works” thing for a couple of months and since I started reading and learning about this, the first principle is the best “brief explanation” or introduction to this new experience yet.” – Roberto

Just what I was looking for without knowing. Pretty awesome app” – Aiden

I feel like a brand new person. Love it” – Olivia

I have only just signed up about ten minutes ago and had my first meditation and for the first time in my life, I was able to actually relax and completely let all other thoughts go. The meditation was only about 7 minutes long but when the video was over I felt like I had been in another world or something!” – Cristi

How grateful I am for this app. All the hands that had input in its creation, thank you.” – Martin

Finally an app that celebrates spirituality, meditation and teaching true happiness” – Baunie

I love this app, the principles are amazing and will help you grow.” – Neese

I love how it mixes a game with life information. Extremely useful and definitely recommended.” – Ethan

This app changed my life!” – Rod

This app is amazing… I’ve been going through a lot of rather challenging times, and it has really helped me to keep my energy focused on those things in which I want, like and love…, while at the same time continuously learning to give no energy toward those things that I do NOT desire, like, or love. The meditation is fantastic…I play it when I wake up, and usually several times as I fall asleep every night. It not only relaxes me, but gives me a good start and end to each of my days. It has the potential to really change lives. ” – Aspen

Sometimes I am disagreeable with people and I feel stressed and tired, but thanks to this app I’ve improved my relationships.” – Angel

Really great app to move your life in a positive direction. Invaluable for those who are new to the path and incredibly stimulating for the most experienced spiritualist.” – Cun

The Purpose of Life – Principle 1 Comments

Wow. I never knew an app could be so powerful. This is my first time on Source Living and I can feel all of the positive energy coming from these video responses, principles and from this app alone. My heart is filled with positivity and hope and motivation to spread it and share it with others.” – Janiesha

I just had my first meditation and I got to say I haven’t smiled like that for a long time. Can’t wait to start relating to other people of this community.” – Evan

A friend recommended me to this app and I can say its amazing. I’m really enjoying seeing all of the souls who have connected to this. All the light workers are coming together yall. This is one outlet to really connect. I really enjoy this. Thank you beautiful souls for connecting. I’m honored to be in this space with yall its beautiful.” – Tonja

I am so glad I found this My soul has been crying out for guidance and craving the understanding of life and it’s purpose and with this tool and Our Creator I’m sure I will receive the questions to my answers. I am new but so far only 12 hrs in and my perspective on life has altered and I for one can’t wait to see and feel me evolve.” – Chandra

Just from reading “The Purpose of Life” I knew that this was the place for me. I have been going through some tough times lately that has caused me to struggle with dwelling on negativity and putting my energy into the wrong things. This app is just what I need. It’s so nice to see so many people channeling so much positivity! I am inspired to do the same.” – Brittany

I’ve heard many good things about this app and I just didn’t believe that one app could he somewhat “life-changing”, so I downloaded this to check it out. It’s actually really helpful and helps me to relax, calm down, and get my mind off of things for a while. So thank you Source Living for making me feel rejuvenated and happy, because I really needed this.” – Joneal

Yes I agree that this app is amazing and I do believe that we should spread the word to our families and friends. This app may change the human race in a good way so spread the word and help the app grow!!!!!!!!!” – Andruw

In love ❤ with this App already. So much positivity, really don’t see that a lot in this messed up world we living in. I will be using this everyday for sure.” – Andrea

New here, watched this last night and came back. It made me so relaxed and honestly sleepy I went to sleep so peacefully slept till like 2:30pm ❤ this app just enhanced it lol” – Jessica

The Magic Formula For Everything – Principle 2 Comments

It’s my second day using this app and I already feel a sense of light energy entering my life and body especially after some meditation.” – Pisces

Who knew an app would re-kick start my spiritual reawakening. And in such a positive light. I haven’t felt too positive and optimistic in a while. The principles are spot on and put things in to a perspective that you can take with you throughout your daily life!” – Cassie

I’ve only been on it for two days and already feel better today like any other day I feel like blue but today I really do feel good” – Katherine

I got that the Magic Formula is being used when you’re doing and excelling at something you’re passionate about. When it’s something that naturally comes to you, you recognize it, then proceed to practice at whatever it is; you’re bound to do well, because you know it’s for you! Nothing can stop you, because you’re aware of your potential!” – Quinton

This app has already been amazing and I’ve only had it for two days. Great teachings to live a positive and healthy life mentally emotionally and physically!” – Sydney

Love, love, love the meditation! love the visual, the sublimials and the Angels singing!” – Brandy

I think everyone has experienced “The Magic Formula” in one situation or another. That feeling of being in the flow state, and being successful in an endeavor; doing something well. This principle teaches us how to capture that state and apply it to anything. No longer can someone use the excuse “I just can’t…” Or “I wasn’t born that way…” Etc. Now you have the power to be great at anything. It just takes love, focus, and time.” – Curran

Great Health Living – Principle 3 Comments

I really needed this. Makes me really notice that it al depends on me and how my body and mind will go and that I need to find ways on how to stay positive. I mean it gets hard at times but like they said with making it funny or laughing and smiling when something negative comes your way you don’t let it take over you. This is something I need to work on” – Yessenia

I have been doing exactly what this principle speaks of without realizing it. i rarely think negatively especially about myself, but i have noticed that when I do say or think something negative about my health or how it makes me look, i never change what it is. however when I feel good about myself and acknowledge it, it tends to stay that way and i FEEL better. i will always believe that when you put good out, you get good in return. so love yourself and praise the good in you.” – Dooduhl

I highly believe in this particular principle. In order to truly appreciate yourself, you must take care of your body from within. A great key strength to success starts from becoming mentally and physically strong minded. That being said, if we practice good strength, we can always surpass negative energy in different levels. I believe that living a good life means being healthy, so that you can never have bad health as an excuse to miss out on the good things in life. Live, laugh and love everyone.” – Romina

Source Living Meditation – Principle 4 Comments

This is very exciting. I have been on this spiritual journey by myself, knowing nothing basically. Having this app is like having an intellectual bestfriend. I’m lovin it!” – Jasmine

This meditation takes me out of body and puts me into a supremely positive, uplifting place. It’s an amazing feeling.” – Tony

This meditation is supreme. It isn’t just an escape. It is empowering, healing and inspiring.” – Kiel

Source Living App Review Video Transcripts – App Reviews video 1

I just listened to the Source Living Meditation and I feel amazing.” – Kiley

If you haven’t listened to the meditation in this app yet, you’ve got to check it out” – Erik

The Source Living Meditation gets me into a zone I’ve never quite experience before.” – Melissa

It’s such a simple exercise that we all need to practice daily.” – Shane

I can’t live without this app.” – Matthew

I had the best optimal experience in life” – Jet-heru

The second principle is absolutely amazing” – Larry

Source Living has shown me that I can have the most amazing, positive life” – Tony

I feel that this app and the principles will bring about a lot of good things” – Libreleen

I love the principle Great Health Living” – Ben

I’m feeling exceptionally grateful for this app” – Melissa

This app is pretty awesome” – Joseph

This app is not only fun, it’s actually life-changing” – Michael

I couldn’t be happier” – Curran

I love the Principles. Everything’s so simple to understand” – Hadge

Yes! Yes to this app, yes to Positive Affirmative Messaging” – Lynnia

The Magic Formula for Everything has revolutionized my life” – Tony

App Reviews 2

Wow! This is a damn good app.” – Evan

It makes me so excited about life” – Kiley

I am a Source Living junkie. It’s like Pokemon Go for me” – Kora Lea

The Source Living Meditation is by far the best meditation I’ve used” – Reegan

I woke up and I used the Source Living Meditation. I feel great.” – Connor

This App is freakin’ awesome” – Ashley

You can create a perfect solution. That’s amazing!” – Jodiann

I’m so thankful that I’ve found this app” – Kaylee

This principle gave me some enlightenment” – Lennox

For real, these are some amazing principles I’ve learned today” – Aden

I just did my very first meditation and what everybody’s been saying is totally true. I have not felt so relaxed at peace in a very long time, so if you haven’t done it, go check it out. It’s amazing” – Sarah

Deep down everyone has the want for harmony, deep connectivity and self-love and I love that there is an app where everyone can get together in a community and we are all interconnected and it’s just amazing.” – Caitlin

I just love this community and I’m grateful for it” – Aden

I really feel this app and all of us – we’re the future for humanity. We’re the new model. We’re the new world that’s full of positivity and love and good vibes.” – Tony

Realizing how powerful we are and how powerful our state of mind and feeling is to the world is so empowering.” – Kiley

You ever like found something and you were just like, “where was this my whole life?” That’s the way I feel about this app because that flow the app talked about – I felt that!” – Jodiann

Wow, so I just did the meditation for the first time and I just started crying, just from feeling so much gratitude towards my life.” – Kora Lea

It’s been a week since I found this app and I can already feel and see the changes it’s creating in my life” – Alejandro

With every new principle and every positive action I take, every positive thought, every positive feeling, I really feel like I’m beginning to have Total Experience Living and I’m being more grateful.” – Curran

My interactions with people have been off the charts flippin’ amazing. I’m so much more receptive to everything going on around me and people’s ideas and vice versa and I’m getting that much more out of my relationships. It’s really fulfilling” – Kiley

Wow, this app is fantastic. I’ve made so many great friends here, so many people with very positive energy and I love it.” – Jacky

Man, I really love this app” – DCW

This is exactly what I need in my life.” – Montana

This is like a whole new level for me.” – Lynnia

This app sends a really good message out there and I think that everyone should listen to it.” – Alan

This is going to be a great journey.” – Jodiann

I love this app, I love this principle and I love my life” – Montana

App Reviews 3

This is like the best thing you will ever get in your life” – Ali

Ever since I’ve been using this app, I’ve been feeling amazing. I can’t stop smiling.” – Queen

This is the most amazing meditation that you will ever, EVER invest your quality time into.” – Fonzo

I like this app. I think our generation needs it now more than anything.” – Kirsten

I just found this app and this is about to be the most positive change I’m about to have in my entire life.” – Alex

I can safely say this is one of the best apps I’ve ever had. I’ve never felt so calm and reasonable.” – John

I feel very energized and very calm and I just can’t believe it. It’s really awesome” – Glwoan

I’ve done meditation before but using this app feels so much different.” – Sregdor

I started to cry because all my happiness came back. I knew I found happiness again with this app.” – Kimberly

I now understand that the Purpose of Life means that you should accept life more and be appreciative of what you have and of people around you and to deflect all the negative energy and it accept all the positive energy.” – Xavier

I just want to get into how awesome it is to be surrounded by thousands of like-minded people.” – Stephanie

The very first sentence of this principle video was what caught my attention. It says, “The Purpose of Life is to create positive increase in all things good…” If we just focus on that – wow.” – Michelle

This app, ever since I downloaded it, brings me positive energy, calmness, and there’s this inner peace that no one can come before me with. I feel good in every situation” – Gerad

I am 44 days clean and sober and the Love Power has absolutely helped me stay that way.” – Curran

I love this app. I love how it continues to give you tools to help you be more positive.” – Erik

You will feel happiness and everything will, like you’ll feel okay, so this is like wow!” – Ali

It seems to me that this many people can’t be wrong and they are not. Download the app and have a look at it yourself and you will see what I mean. – If you want more inspiration about feeling good, click here!

Source Living – The App For A Happier Life

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