11 Legal Apps To Watch Movies On Your Android Smartphone

People love watching movies or tv series and it is their favorite hobby. Earlier days we used to buy CD or waited for the movies to be aired on the channel but now the entire process has been changed and we can easily watch a movie by visiting any site. But recently due to the excessive rise of piracy the government has banned the use of these sites, so What can be done now? Well, the answer is pretty simple. [pullquote]Just download the apps that have been launched in the android store for watching movies.[/pullquote] We all love to watch movies or series on our smart phones or tablets by using a legal way.

There are plenty of sites that help you to watch movies or series online. But now the process has been made easier by the launch of new apps in the android play store. All you need to do is download them and enjoy. You can also support the service that you are using by registering to a subscription or by playing the ads. You can also secure the browser that you are using by buying a software of VPN. There are many sites that may allow you to download pirated video or movies which are illegal in many countries so it is better to download an app from the Android store.

Here some apps are mentioned which you can easily download and enjoy online movie streaming. As there are many sites which have been banned for using and it is better not to use them without VPN service so the convenient way of watching movies is to download any free app on your Android device and use it without any fear.

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1. Netflix

This is the most popular as well as a legal app that is available in the Android store. They provide you with original content with great video quality and plenty options to choose from. But you have to pay for subscription monthly. Many users may resist it but if you love movie streaming then paying for it would be worth. The first-month subscription is free so that you can decide which option would be the best for you. It has many latest movies or series to watch and it has gained immense popularity in foreign countries.

2. Hulu

This a paid app and is also legal.  It is easily available in the android store and you need to pay for a subscription on a  monthly basis for enjoying the huge collection of movies it has and the good quality of the videos. Many consider this to be the best online streaming app.

3. Amazon Video

This is a new app which is present in the Android store and it has many contents and all of them are original and there are many more new videos. It also requires some subscription that you have to pay monthly and you can also get it with your prime membership. The quality of the videos played here are quite good and it also includes many special videos designed for this amazon video.

4. YouTube

This is the biggest platform for enjoying online streaming and here you will get everything for free without any subscriptions. You can watch movies or series that are uploaded by the content creators. There is also another service called YouTube Red that supports you to enjoy services by paying for it and it has some extra advantages. The free YouTube service is also good and it earns money by playing ads. Here you can also subscribe to many channels and get notified for every new video that has been uploaded.

5. Crackle

This app has been launched by the famous Sony. It is a legal and a free app. The shows or the movies are of the great selection and it also includes classics or new releases. But this app will show ads during the streaming so it can get quite annoying for some people. But overall it is a good legal app present in the Android store.

6. Flipps

With this app, you can easily stream movies on your smart phones. This app can be downloaded from an android store and is absolutely free and is also legal. This app has some flaws like it lags and disconnects. If you can overlook this occasional issues for connection then you can easily enjoy movie streaming in this app. Here you can easily watch movies or series or news.

7. Viewster

This is a free app for watching anime and it also includes movies or TV series. It is not completely legal but is present in the store and is considered to be legal by many.


If you are looking for movie or TV series streaming then this is the best app for you. Here you can watch as many 200 channels and is available in the Android store. It is completely free so it may not provide the top picks. It has many channels from around the globe.

9. BBC iPlayer

This is a legal app in where you can see the programs or shows or movies featured on the BBC channel. It is a free app and it uploads programs after 1 months from the date it has been aired. It may show some issues regarding the connection.

10. ITV Hub

This app is completely free and is legal to use. The connection or the stability may not be satisfactory but good enough for killing some time. It is easily available in the android play store.

11. BIGSTAR Movies

If you are more into foreign movies like indie flicks or the documentaries then this is the best app for you. It is completely legal and free to use. Here in this app, you can easily remove the ads which are shown by subscribing to new plans. There are hundreds of movies which you can enjoy here without paying a penny.

These are some apps that you can easily download from the play store and enjoy movie streaming. You can either pay for it or use it for free as it depends on your preference. And there are much more ways to enjoy movie streaming on your android phone. These apps are completely legal and are available for online streaming. Because it is better to watch movies safely than enjoying the pirated version of it. And now these apps have also replaced the cable channels as they provide more facilities than ordinary cable. Hence many smart TVs are been launched in the market.

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11 Legal Apps To Watch Movies On Your Android Smartphone

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