These 6 Gadgets & Apps Are Actually Good For Your Health

Day in and day out, we’re surrounded by technological temptation: insidious advertising, distracting apps, distressing social media banter. Isn’t it time technology worked for us, not against us?

The brains behind these six amazing pieces of consumer healthtech feel our pain. The devices and apps described below all boast ameliorative properties that can help us lose weight, reduce our blood pressure, get better sleep, and call for help when we’re in distress.

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1. Wearable Fitness Trackers

Not yet on the wearable tech bandwagon? There’s still time — and, it should be noted, plenty of new options beyond the best-known wearable fitness trackers like Fitbit and Garmin.

Find the ideal tracker for your needs (and budget) on one of the many lists of the best fitness trackers on the market. Just know that “planned obsolescence” takes on a whole new meaning in this particular health tech niche. Your best buy today might be an also-ran six months hence. Plan accordingly.

2. In-Home Medical Alert Systems

Accidents happen to the best (and most able-bodied) among us. If you’re preoccupied with the thought of a debilitating fall or medical episode that leaves you unable to call for help on your own, check out the latest medical alert reviews to find a device that safely and unobtrusively keeps watch while you’re at home.

3. Step Counters

Your standard-issue fitness tracker may well have a step counter, but it’s not worth shelling out upwards of $100 for this function alone. Download a cheap or free step counter app on your smartphone or smartwatch and let your legs do the talking. If you’re a habitual runner or cyclist, look for an app that keeps accurate workout stats, like speed, total distance covered, and calories burned.

4. Sleep Monitor Apps

Tired (pun intended) of restless sleep? You need a sleep monitor app that measures key sleep stats and — hopefully — offers insights into why you’re not getting that restful eight-a-night you so clearly deserve. The best sleep monitor apps cost little to nothing to download, though you can certainly find subscription-based options with more bells and whistles.

5. Air Quality Monitors

When it’s not responsible for acute illnesses, air quality is one of those environmental signals we tend to drown out. That could be a mistake: if you live in a big (or small) city with air quality issues exacerbated by vehicle pollution or topography, your daily routine could literally be hazardous to your health. An in-home air quality monitor keeps watch over your home and offers friendly advice for improving indoor air quality — yes, even if that means shutting the windows.

6. Smart Scales

When is a bathroom scale more than a scale? When it seamlessly syncs with your mobile device and accurately measures far more than your weight. We’re talking BMI, bone density, heart rate, even body water percentage — not quite everything you need to know to keep tabs on your physical health, but darn close.

Live Longer, Live Better

Add these six devices and apps to your at-home (and on-the-go) arsenal and you’ll be well on your way to healthier living. Why stop there, though? Every month, brand-new digital health solutions come on the scene; not all are worth your precious time or hard-earned dollars, but some could quite literally change your life for the better.

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