AnyFix – iOS System Recovery Helps You Fix 130+ iOS System Issues

If you often experience issues on your iOS-based devices, it is time you turn to a tool to get all those issues resolved. This post tells you about one such tool that can solve all your iOS problems in a few easy clicks. Read on to uncover the tool.

No matter what version of iOS you use on your iPhone or iPad, you are still going to experience some sort of issues on your devices. This is because most iOS versions have had at least a few issues. If you are annoyed by certain errors and cannot get rid of them, you might want to use a tool called AnyFix – iOS System Recovery.

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AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is an app that comes preloaded with fixes for 130+ issues that you can possibly experience on your Apple devices. This tool alone can deal with all your iOS, Apple TV, and even iTunes issues. Simply select an appropriate option in the app and it will get your issues sorted in no time.

This helps you avoid getting a technician who can charge in upwards of hundreds of dollars to fix your device. AnyFix – iOS System Recovery can resolve nearly all iOS devices in a few easy clicks.

How Can AnyFix – iOS System Recovery Help Fix Your iOS Devices

AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is actually built of several components that help you resolve many types of issues on your devices. Here is a list of those micro-tools that you can use within the app to sort out your problems.

System Repair

One of the core features of AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is System Repair that allows you to fix the very core system of your Apple devices. With this option, you can get rid of pretty much all the issues from your devices.

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Repair The System Of Your Device With System Repair

Whether your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, your iOS device refuses to turn on, or you have any other issues with your device, System Repair can fix all that for you in some simple clicks. As of this writing, this app can resolve over 50 iPhone problems, 40 iPad issues, 20 iPod touch problems, and 20 Apple TV issues.

This function actually uses three modes to help you fix your devices. It starts from the very basic mode called Standard Repair that fixes the basics on the device. If that does not work for you, you can move onto Advanced Repair or Ultimate Repair. These two methods should definitely fix the problem you are experiencing on your devices.

iTunes Repair

It is obvious to have iTunes installed on your computer when you use Apple devices. As you might have already experienced, iTunes is not without issues. AnyFix – iOS System Recovery has an iTunes Repair option wherein you can get more than 200 errors related to iTunes fixed on your computer.

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Repair Nearly All iTunes Issues

Unlike the normal practice where you copy the error code from iTunes and search a solution on the Internet, the iTunes Repair function finds the error itself and fixes it for you in no time. This way, you do not need to get into the hassle of manually finding and resolving iTunes problems.

Some of the issues you can fix with this feature are iTunes not being able to recognize your devices, iTunes restore errors, iTunes sync issues, and so on.

Enter/Exit Recovery Mode

If you ever need to reboot your iPhone into recovery mode, the traditional method asks you to press a certain key combination to enter this mode. However, if you find that method to be too much of a hassle, AnyFix – iOS System Recovery has a solution for you.

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Enter And Exit Recovery Mode On iOs Devices

There is an option in this app that lets you both enter and exit the recovery mode on your iOS devices in a single click. All you need to do is choose what you want to do and the app will do it on your iPhone or iPad device.

Upgrade/Downgrade iOS

The process of upgrading and downgrading iOS can sometimes get difficult due to some errors. If you have had issues updating your iPhone or iPad to the latest version, if you need to roll back to a previous version, AnyFix – iOS System Recovery can help you do that.

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Upgrade Or Downgrade The Operating System Version

Whether the normal upgrade function on your device works or not, this app has an option to get your devices upgraded to the latest version of iOS that is available. In case you are looking to downgrade your iOS version, you can do that as well with the same app.

In case you are a curious soul and you want to try out the beta versions of iOS, this app lets you do that, too, without requiring a developer account.

Reset Device

You will need to reset your Apple devices at some point for various reasons. If the default methods do not work, or if you cannot access them for some reason, AnyFix – iOS System Recovery can actually help you there as well.

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Reset Your Device

There is an option in this app that lets you reset your Apple device in multiple scenarios. There are methods for both when you know and when you do not know the password for your phone. You can choose an appropriate option and the app will get your device reset.

The first option is Hard Reset that is recommended to use when you have forgotten your device’s password. If you can unlock your device, you should use the 1-Click Reset option.


Regardless of the kind of issue you are facing on your Apple devices, AnyFix – iOS System Recovery has possibly covered you. With this tool, nearly all of your iOS issues can be resolved in a few clicks and in no time. This is the quickest way to make your devices error-free.

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