100 All-Time Top Apps List For iPhone & iPad

Apple recently announced that they are closing in on 50 billion app downloads. To celebrate, they are giving away an iTunes gift card loaded with $10,000. That is a considerable number of apps that have been downloaded since iTunes opened their doors. This raises a question that I think most people at some point ask themselves. What apps are the all-time top apps downloaded from the App Store? It so happens that Apple released that list at the same time that they announced the official app download countdown.

If you were to guess, what apps do you think would grace the top 25 list of free and paid apps at the App Store? There’s no doubt that most people would say Angry Birds is the top grossing app of all time, right? That is entirely correct, and it so happens that Rovio Entertainment, the developers of the Angry Birds games, actually have 5 apps on the top 25 list of the all-time top apps chart.

To no one’s surprise, most of the paid all-time top apps are games, but on the free side of the list, there are more surprises since utility apps are more represented than games. It’s an interesting fact that I think goes hand in hand with how people justify their purchases, if you know what I mean.

The number of apps purchased from the App Store is somewhere in the region of 1,000 every second. With the average price probably being around $0.99, and with Apple taking 30% ($0.297 per app) of revenue earned, Apple’s revenue from apps is a staggering $297.00 per second. This amounts to $25,660,800 in daily revenue for Apple from apps. But, the statistics are polluted and cannot be assured since there are plenty of free apps included in the 1,000 apps downloaded per second. Still, these numbers tell an intriguing story about the all-time top apps and how much revenue they actually generate for their respective developers, and of course for Apple.

In order for you to easily check out, purchase and download some (or all) of the all-time top apps, both for the iPhone as well as the iPad, I have compiled the top 25 list with links to every single app presented on the list. All you need to do is to click the all-time top apps and you will be forwarded to their respective App Store listing where you will be able to download or purchase it instantly. I guess all that is left to say is…happy apping!


Apple’s App Store All-Time Top Apps

iPhone All-Time Top Apps – Paid
PosApp TitlePrice
1Angry Birds$0.99
2Fruit Ninja$0.99
3Doodle Jump$0.99
4Cut the Rope$0.99
5Angry Birds Seasons$0.99
6WhatsApp Messenger$0.99
8Words with Friends$2.99
9Tiny Wings$0.99
10Angry Birds Space$0.99
11Pocket God$0.99
12Plants vs Zombies$0.99
13THE GAME OF LIFE Classic Edition$0.99
14The Moron Test$0.99
15Where’s My Water?$0.99
16Draw Something$2.99
18Angry Birds Star Wars$0.99
19MotionX GPS Drive$0.99
23Minecraft – Pocket Edition$6.99
24Color Splash$0.99
25The Sims 3$6.99
iPhone All-Time Top Apps – Free
PosApp TitlePrice
2Pandora RadioFree
5Words With Friends FreeFree
7The Weather ChannelFree
9Temple RunFree
10Google SearchFree
13Angry Birds FreeFree
14Draw Something FreeFree
16Facebook MessengerFree
17Google EarthFree
18Fruit Ninja FreeFree
20Movies by FlixsterFree
23PAC-MAN LiteFree
25Google MapsFree
iPad All-Time Top Apps – Paid
PosApp TitlePrice
2Angry Birds HD$2.99
3Angry Birds Seasons HD$2.99
4Where’s My Water?$0.99
5Fruit Ninja HD$2.99
5Angry Birds Space HD$2.99
7Words With Friends HD$2.99
9Cut the Rope HD$3.99
12Angry Birds Star Wars HD$2.99
13GoodReader for iPad$4.99
14SCRABBLE HD for iPad$4.99
15Minecraft – Pocket Edition$6.99
16Plants Vs Zombies HD$0.99
18MONOPOLY for iPad$9.99
19Quickoffice Pro HD$14.99
20Star Walk HD$2.99
21Draw Something$2.99
24Where’s My Perry?$0.99
25Bad Piggies HD$0.99
iPad All-Time Top Apps – Free
PosApp TitlePrice
1Skype for iPadFree
2The Weather Channel for iPadFree
4Angry Birds HD FreeFree
7Pandora RadioFree
7Calculator for iPad FreeFree
9Fruit Ninja HD FreeFree
10Words With Friends HD FreeFree
11Google EarthFree
12ABC PlayerFree
13Calculator Pro for iPad FreeFree
14Temple RunFree
16eBay for iPadFree
17CNN App for iPadFree
19Adobe ReaderFree
22NYTimes for iPadFree
23Temple Run 2Free
24Hulu PlusFree
25Draw Something FreeFree


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    Mary-Margaret Walker 7 years

    Richard – This is just fantastic! I’m actually going to use this list to make sure I have all the apps I’m missing from my recent phone swap at the Apple store. Thanks! Mary-Margaret

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    MattY 7 years

    Thanks for the list. This exact info is actually surprisingly hard to find in an easy-to-read format like this.

    Curious, though – do you know whether this list is ranked in terms of revenue generated, or total downloads for the paid apps? It’s surprising that Pages is #1 if the ranking is based on # of downloads vs. revenue.

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    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for all-time