Beauty Box Photo App: Retouch Your Pics Like A Photoshop Professional

A girlfriend of mine who works at a television station in NYC told me about this app a few days ago. You know I don’t like writing about apps unless I’ve tried them personally so I can verify they aren’t lame – and I can definitely promise you this app is not lame. It’s called Beauty Box Photo, and it’s a retouching app that makes your skin look flawless yet natural in photos. It’s a free app, and once you try it, you’ll never post another picture of your face on any social networking site without it.

I know what you’re thinking – I’ve posted many articles about how overly Photoshopped women in magazines mess with the self-image in teenage girls who idolize an image of beauty that can only be attained with software. However, Beauty Box Photo only makes subtle changes, so you’ll still look like you if that makes sense. It’s just that it does them very, very well and right on your phone.

Most of the photo retouching apps that I’ve tried before require skills to make the photo look right, plus there is a learning curve. The reason I like Beauty Box Photo is because you just tap a few buttons to let the app know what your skin type/condition is and how old you are. It adjusts its algorithms accordingly and from there it’s super simple to use. You basically just click on your blemishes and they disappear.

When you are finished, Beauty Box Photo shows you the before and after photo so you can really see the difference. Like I said, these aren’t major changes. You won’t suddenly look like you bought big boobs or a facelift. However, if you are having a bad skin day, this app will clean all that up and make you look flawless (it cleans up those little wrinkles around your eyes too). You can grab this app for free here on iTunes. For $1.99, you can get a package with more effects, but I didn’t get that. I’m happy with the free version for now.

Beauty Box Photo – Free Retouching App





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    Its totally fun and amazing beauty box photo apps. present generation people basically girls like it. Thanks for sharing such a new and unique things well done!!!