You’re So Vain: This App Gives You An Instant Nose Job & Perfect Skin

It seems like lately there is increased popularity in apps that make us look fresher and ‘better’ in our photos. We all want to look our best in pictures, so it makes sense that we might want to get a little digital help in that area. Some apps take it further than others though. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the Beauty Box photo app, which retouches your pictures while still allowing you to present yourself in a natural way. It gives you perfect skin and adjusts the light affects.

The app I’d like to share with you today takes it one step further. It will not only make sure you have perfect skin, but it will also give you an instant nose job if it determines you need it. This app, called Pixtr, might seem extreme, but in just the past few days it’s had over 1,500 downloads (mostly from Denmark, Italy and Los Angeles).

It does more than give you an instant nose job and perfect skin though. It also tweaks your eyes, reshapes your face, and gets rid of all your freckles and wrinkles. According to Mashable, “you’ll look fantastically plastic.” Yep, it’s like having plastic surgery without the surgery. None of your online friends will know the difference, unless they know you IRL.

As completely ridiculous as this all sounds, I’m sure this will be appealing to a lot of people. There is nothing wrong with wanting perfect skin or a thinner nose. My only question is, what if you meet people online who you then meet in person? Will they feel duped when they see you look very different compared to your photos? It may not matter since they will have probably modified their photos also. Looking natural has never felt so unnatural before.

Get An Instant Nose Job & Perfect Skin

(Pixtr – Free On iTunes)



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