The Best Bitcoin Wallets For Mobile Users

If you are thinking of joining the cryptocurrency world and are specifically considering purchasing some Bitcoin for either safekeeping or trading on the exchanges, then you are probably already aware of the need for a reliable wallet.

Finding one is a much harder quest than many assume it is, simply because it takes a lot of understanding of exactly what you are going for in order to identify the correct wallet for yourself. The process is doubly hard for mobile users, since developing a reliable and secure bitcoin wallet for mobile users is so much harder, especially when you think about the security aspect of the wallet.

Which is why our partners from website have gathered a number of the most reliable wallets into a single pile that you can look at and think about working with. Each of these wallets has its own unique qualities that may only be right for a specific type of trader, which is why you should take some time to consider which one you might want to start working with.

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Mycelium has been around in the mobile crypto wallet world for a while, establishing itself as one of the most reliable wallets in the world. The wallet was created with several different qualities in mind.

First, the creators wanted it to be open to management from several accounts, which is possible with this wallet. The creators also wanted it to be open source so that most users who had ideas on how to upgrade would be able to do so. As a result, the wallet is constantly in flux and being updated.

The wallet is extremely secure and compatible with hardware wallets but is at the same time vulnerable. If someone has access to the phone where the wallet is installed, they will also likely have access to the wallet, thus enabling them to do as they wish with the money. The wallet has recently started supporting Segwit as well.


GreenAddress is a Segregated Witness wallet, activated through the system and integrated with both desktop and mobile solutions. This way, it is possible to be in control of the wallet no matter where you are accessing it from.

The wallet is available to both iOS and Android users and implements multiple, two-factor protection and authentication systems in multiple instances on their platform as a way of protecting the users from possible malware attacks.

The wallet supports hardware wallets, with support for wallets such as Ledger Nano and Trezor being provided for the software of the wallet. Server security is ensured through multi-signature addresses that happen between client and server. All of the systems make this one of the most secure wallets out of all the ones available on the mobile market.


Coinomi has been considered to be one of the top mobile wallets in the world until recently. It was found to have problems with its security, which are caused by a piece of vulnerable coding within the system.

Now it is coming under suspicion, as the source for the software is closed, so that it is impossible to verify the security of the system. Yet, the company has also announced that the vulnerability does not affect the mobile version of the wallet and that it is still safe to use.

If that is the case, that makes Coinomi one of the best mobile wallets out there, as it supports multiple currencies and gives the users the ability to buy and sell bitcoin within the app itself. But, until the verification of security happens, we advise you to reconsider working with this app.

Electrum Wallet

There are not that many wallets out there that can boast being as lightweight and as easy to use as the Electrum wallet. It has been around in the industry since 2011 and has managed to, throughout those years, to retain its status as a highly reliable wallet that provides its users with a high-quality service.

Barely taking up any space in the mobile device, it uses private keys that are fully encrypted to provide the service it offers to the users. The app is only available to Android users though, so iOS clients will have to consider other options.


Jaxx is a very young wallet, as compared to the other ones listed on here. This wallet has only entered the market as late as sometime in 2014, but ever since then, it has made quite the name for itself. Jaxx is known as an incredibly secure wallet and a high-profile newcomer to the industry.

It allows the users to stash cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and 50 more cryptocurrencies so that users will be able to get a hold of and keep safe whatever cryptocurrency they want. The only thing is, it was revealed to have a vulnerability in 2017, but has since fixed the issue and now operated with a problem and without a hitch. More information you can find here.

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