5 Must-Have Smartphone Apps For Clever Bitcoin Users

Bitcoin has enjoyed enormous growth since its days as an almost worthless digital currency reserved for technical know-it-alls. Criminals also become one of Bitcoin’s earliest adopters once they discovered its value in an online marketplace for contraband. Then, it was the turn of online gambling businesses, which continue investing at a rapid rate and using Bitcoin across innovative wagering products such as mobile betting apps.

Today, Bitcoin’s use has increased dramatically, spreading to retail, remittances and international payroll services. Businesses from all sectors are queuing up to invest in the world’s most renowned cryptocurrency, triggering huge price spikes and paving the way for new Bitcoin apps on both iOS and Android. Here are 5 must-have apps for Bitcoin users.


Coinbase is among the oldest and most trusted Bitcoin wallets, which has seen it attract a worldwide customer base of over seven million people. Coinbase is available on anything from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy and Windows Phone and features a slick design that makes it easy to buy and sell Bitcoin instantaneously. The app also integrates smoothly with bank accounts across Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. Coinbase customers can send, receive and scan QR codes through the app, which allows them to conveniently use Bitcoin at point-of-sale and face-to-face transactions. For those that use other digital currencies, Coinbase also stores and trades in Ethereum and Litecoin.


Betonline is a prime example of why online bettors are gravitating towards Bitcoin. There are no fees for Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals nor any geo-blocking, meaning the app is available to customers anywhere in the world – including all 50 US states. The BetOnline bitcoin gambling app is also available to both Android and iOS users, who receive access to an all-in-one online betting package that includes a sportsbook and online casino. A mobile-only welcome offer often greets new customers, which at the time of writing provided a free bet of up to $50 for those who lose their first sports wager.


[pullquote]Purse is an online marketplace that offers a discount on Amazon purchases to customers who pay with Bitcoin.[/pullquote] Both iOS and Android users can open Purse to quickly search an Amazon item and pay for it with the cryptocurrency to earn a discount. The concept plays out by connecting shoppers with people who have Amazon gift cards, with the latter then purchasing the shopper’s item of choice in exchange for Bitcoin. It works both ways, too, as users that own Amazon gift cards can fulfill orders for others to earn Bitcoin. There is a guaranteed saving of 5% for all purchases made through the app, and discounts can climb up to 30%. The app is also integrated with Coinbase to make purchasing and withdrawing Bitcoin seamless.


A P2P money transfer network that supports the buying, selling and storing of Bitcoin, Abra allows users to send money across the globe instantly and without any transfer fees. At the core of this innovative technology is its user-friendliness, which facilitates easy bank transfer set up and doesn’t entail providing sensitive information. This also makes it accessible to any age group that is interested in sending money to friends and family overseas without the often extortionate fees imposed by the likes of the Western Union and MoneyGram. Abra users also avoid the nervous wait that often accompanies global money transfers.


Security is a hot topic in the cryptocurrency world, thrusting apps like Xapo to prominence. Xapo functions both as a wallet and vault, the latter of which is becoming increasingly important as the price of Bitcoin soars. Similar wallets such as Breadwallet, Mycelium, and AirBitz are suitable for modest Bitcoin balances and day-to-day purchases, but those with thousands of dollars worth of the digital currency can keep it away from hackers through Xapo’s cold storage security method that goes to extreme lengths – using server-protecting military bunkers and satellites among other measures – to keep funds safe. Accounts can also be linked to a Xapo debit card that can be used for in-store and online purchases, as well as ATM withdrawals worldwide.

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5 Must-Have Smartphone Apps For Clever Bitcoin Users

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