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If you have a Mac and use various devices—iPhone, Android, a tablet—sharing files across all your devices and online accounts can be a necessity. You may need to access text messages on your computer or keep your calendars and contacts in sync on a work phone and a personal phone. However, it can be tricky to sync your Mac to multiple devices and accounts, especially if you use an Android.

You can try to use Apple’s native apps to connect your phone to your Mac and transfer files like it is a hard drive, but that can quickly become tedious and disorganized. Cloud services like iCloud and Dropbox offer another option to sync files, but that means creating accounts and managing your files through them, which can be slow and open for errors. Finding a reliable Mac file synchronizer app can provide an easier way.

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SyncMate is a software designed for file sync Mac users rely on to keep their files secure and up to date across devices and accounts. With a single app, you can connect your Mac to multiple devices, sync your contacts and calendars, and check text messages on your computer. All syncing happens in the background, so you can sync files on your Mac and devices without interruption. Plus, you can sync android with Mac easily. For anyone who has struggled to find a workaround to connect Android to Mac, SyncMate is the simplest way.

The free Mac file synchronizer app version will help you stay organized across devices, so you don’t lose contacts or miss meetings because your phone and computer weren’t synced. If you upgrade, SyncMate Pro lets users sync photos, videos, music, and backup files to make sure you never lose a thing! Keep your photo galleries updated from Mac to devices without ever losing track of an image or video when you need it. You can also respond to text messages directly on your Mac using SyncMate Pro.

SyncMate is not just for connecting Mac and your devices—you can keep your cloud storage accounts like iCloud, Google Drive, and Microsoft services synced as well! If you store files in the cloud to save storage space, you know how keeping these synced can be time-consuming, especially if you use more than one account. SyncMate simplifies that, so you can sync files with just a few clicks!

There are now quite a few options for sync service Mac users can choose from to transfer files and data between their computer and devices. Syncovery is an app that has been on the scene for years that offers features like block syncing to only add changes between files and a scheduler that lets you plan to sync at a time that suits you. While Syncovery is intended for personal or corporate use, it has a bit of a learning curve and is not the most intuitive design for new users trying to start syncing their files quickly.

For a simpler option, SyncGene is another file synchronizer that offers basic sync services that anyone can use. SyncGene lets users sync contacts and calendars between devices but is designed to sync files between cloud services like iCould, Google Drive, and Microsoft solutions. SyncMate also has this feature, but this is the main dish for SyncGene users, meaning anyone who just wants to transfer files between their online accounts would appreciate this app.

Users who are concerned about the security and encryption of their files, particularly those who need a Mac file synchronizer for professional use, SugarSync might be of interest. SugarSync is a software that offers a range of features for a monthly subscription fee that allows users to keep files synced and organized across multiple devices and computers while securing the data for privacy and safety.

This app is intended for business use and aligns itself with other cloud services, so it may not be ideal for the average person who really wants to sync pictures, videos, messages, etc. For that, we recommend SyncMate as the best option.

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When it comes to finding a sync service Mac users can rely on, we think that SyncMate is the best choice. It’s user-friendly and secure, so anyone can start syncing photos, contacts, calendars, contacts, messages and more from their Mac to multiple devices without having to figure out complex workarounds.

You can try the free demo version of SyncMate to get a feel for syncing calendars and contacts between your Mac and iPhone or Android. If you want to share photos, music, and backup your files, we recommend upgrading to SyncMate Pro to get all the great features for a one-time payment of $39.95.

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