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One of the most amazing ways to trace the location of someone you care about and love is using mobile tracker free. The basic methodology behind the working of these applications is that they use the internet to pinpoint the absolute location.

In today’s era, it becomes tough to check the devices all the time. Hence, using these applications, you can rightly trace the location. Moreover, since they are mobile tracker free, you do not have to invest a lot of money using these.

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1. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is an app for iPhone and iPad that not only allows you to remotely control the use of the device but allows you to know the location of your device. Thanks to location sharing via GPS. Apple had thought of it as a social tool to share its GPS position with its contacts by entering email or phone number and knowing where friends and relatives are at any time.

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2. Cerberus

Cerberus is an anti-theft app to locate a lost or stolen cell phone and allows you to control a phone remotely. It is not just an app to find your phone but, it has various functions that make it perfect for geolocation and to understand the location of anyone. You can not only monitor an Android smartphone but also control it via the Web or SMS.

Once you download it to your device, you will have to give Cerberus control of your device. For this press, the Enable device administrator button and on Grant Superuser permission. Then press the button to create an account and fill out the proposed form with all your data. Then specify the monitoring functions to be activated in the configuration menu, and you are ready. It is genuinely the best mobile tracker free.

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3. mCouple

mCouple is a hugely popular free app for Android and iPhone that allows you to monitor your partner’s phone by monitoring SMS, contacts, call history, and geographic location. In reality, it will also integrate a function dedicated to Facebook activities. Presently this feature is unavailable. Another critical thing to note is that only the Android version of the app allows you to track SMS and calls; the iOS version does not have these functions.

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4. Family And Mobile Locator

The Family and Cellular Locator provides a map that is visible only to guests. In it, the user can make sure when he wants his location. It also helps to follow the site of everyone who is part of it. It happens by receiving alerts whenever a member reaches a specific destination, configured the app itself. It presents itself as a dominant mobile tracker free.

The difference with this application is the possibility to create circles according to each specific situation, such as a group trip, and then delete it. Each type of ring made available for creation has precise tracking and location features, making it much easier to define your priorities. Another difference is the application’s chat, which greatly facilitates communication between family and friends without the need to change screens.

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5. Find My Device

Find Google LLC gives my Device for Android phones, tablets, or watches. To use it is necessary to authorize the availability of the location and access to the Google Account email address for demonstrating the map.

The app offers the options to make a call when the device is in view. Moreover, it lets you delete or show a message. It, however, is in consideration as a negative point by most users. It is since if the phone steals, it will emit a sound when you find it, which will hinder its recovery.

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6. Glympse

Glympse is a cell phone tracking app for family and friends. It works as a social network where you can add the numbers of people who also have the app to book events, share, and track locations. It includes their social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. It works even better on iPhones and iPads but is also active on Android devices. It is a leading mobile tracker free.

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7. GPS KidControl Family Tracker

GPS KidControl has been exceptional for parents to track their children’s cell phones. It sends automatic notifications whenever children arrive at any location. You can trace the entire route which your kid takes. Moreover, the efficiency to incorporate other members of the family in the window is existing.

You can also decipher the status of battery life. If there are circumstances of loss or theft, you can use this as an asset.

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8. Wheres My Droid

Wheres, My Droid is one of the best apps for tracking cell phones. It lets you send notifications via email even when the cell phone discharges. If you lose your phone, the app will increase your ringtone so you can find it. If your cellphone steals, there are options to block all personal information or even delete it. You can progress with it in case the phone recovery cannot take place.

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9. Qustodio

Qustodio is one of the best parental control apps available on Android and iOS. It allows you to find out the geographical position of the phone under control. It also aids you to know the list of the most frequently used applications, the call history, the SMS history. Search for iPhone and Android Phones does what it promises by tracking lost or stolen phones.

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10. Kids Place

Kids Place a valid Android app where you can manage on your child’s phone, which apps he or she cannot or cannot open. Once the app is there, it allows the games and apps to block through a customizable dashboard. You can also prevent sites that you consider inappropriate, unsuitable content, and keep track of messages and calls.

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Therefore, with the incorporation of these applications, you can enhance your tracking efficiency. Moreover, you will feel light at the head as you can check their presence anytime with mobile tracker free.

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