IceBreak For Couples App: Making Up Just Got Easier

Ladies, you know how sometimes we say stupid stuff to the men in our lives, and they get annoyed with us? Usually, we know it’s something dumb when we type it or say it, but we do it anyway, and then we wish we could take it back, right? Even after we apologize, and everything is back to normal, there are still those awkward moments until all is forgotten. Those uncomfortable awkward moments can last a few minutes, a few hours or even a few days. Now there is an iPhone app to help us transition from arguing back to loving quickly.

If this has never happened to you, you might be one of those people who thinks you are always right. If that’s the case, there is probably no iPhone app in the world that can help you, but this app could be fun for the rest of us. The IceBreak for Couples app is basically like a private Facebook wall. According to the website, it makes great relationships awesome. It asks questions to spark a conversation, and it helps you learn more about your partner. You can share private photos and send each other personal messages during the day when you’re apart.

There are even specific questions designed to smooth things out when your relationship has had a rough day. It’s kind of like couples therapy. There are so many relationship apps out there, and this is one that makes sense to me. On the other hand, the I Just Made Love app where you tell the world all the places you did it is not exactly the kind of app that will enhance your relationship. #justsayin

App Helps Smooth Over Fights

Couples Relationship iPhone App

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Via: [Glamour] Image Credit: [favim]