International Calling Apps – Major Overhaul Of Private Communication

At the very beginning, there were landline telephones, the devices which either were kept on the tables or were hung on walls. Later on came the revolutionary thing called the internet. People could then start communicating with their loved ones through their desktop computers. Since the early days when telecommunication and IT were entirely separate, we’ve already come a rather long way. With the constant evolution of technology and telecommunication, there was no doubt about the fact that the two phenomena would inevitably merge.

Presently there is phone/IoT integration where people control their homes through their smartphones and parents can monitor their children who are placed at day-care centers. Currently, there are trends like using international calling cards, apps like NobelApp, real-time messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Hangouts through which you can make video calls and see your family members while having a good round of chat with them.

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A Growing Change In How People Should Stay In Touch

As the entire world is getting crazy with the growth of SnapChat and Whatsapp due to their huge userbases, there is always a surging trend in messaging where the companies are adopting several tactics on the ways in which both the young and the old should stay in touch with each other. From maintaining secret things to helping you keep a conversation lively and quick, messaging can be more than just reading texts.

If you move back and take into account Your Away Message, you will see that people are not just utilizing the message services to ask people to think but also plan. Even the company Venture capital has moved towards Snapchat as per reports from CNN money. They have grabbed a $19 billion valuation and there was a surprising explosion of live-stream video chat app. We are moving towards Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp and WeChat market. Then there was Connect which was introduced in the iOS version and this app offers a map where you can find updates from several networks and where you will remain, for how long by enjoying a totally different chat functionality.

Are These Apps Disrupting The Phone Card Industry?

Yes, they are disrupting the phone calling card industry in a bid way. This new trend in the telecommunication industry is causing harm to the calling-card industry which has been loyally offering travelers with the most cost-effective calling options like carrier plans for making long-distance and international calls. These apps are being considered as the new breed of technology which is nothing but a ‘phone card killer’. They’re making it extremely simple by allowing them to utilize a smartphone app for international voice calls without having to get a paper phone card for calling.

Paper calling cards are henceforth gradually becoming obsolete and at present, there are very few non-tech-savvy people who prefer them over calling apps on their smartphones. From all the other apps including Skype, you can opt for free WiFi calling where video calling or video conferencing won’t seem like a huge task which is out of the budget. Everything is free of cost and you just need a strong internet connection to stay in touch through these apps. In short, people are getting the best of both with the calling apps.

This has been a transparent approach by the telecommunication industry and it is benefitting several other smart customers who are concerned about their budgets or who are looking for an alternative to their call plans. Both Android and iPhone users are blessed with multiple chat app options from which they can choose the one which suits their needs and requirements.

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