mSpy – Useful Device-Monitoring App To Keep Your Family Safe [Review]

If you need a smartphone monitoring app that keeps track of all the activities on the device without requiring the download of add-ons and multiple software packages then mSpy is the app that will put an end to your search. Featured among the best device monitoring apps by authority websites such as Messaging App Lab and MIReview, mSpy is an app that is both user-friendly and multi-functional.

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The list is long, however, to give you a quick understanding of what features this groundbreaking app is capable of, we have put together a list of the most eye-catching and remarkable features that thjis application offers.

  • Monitoring of chat apps
  • Tracking of Internet activity
  • Access to media files
  • Tracking of GPS location
  • Access to call records

All these amazing features are available via an extremely easy to use dashboard. What is even more fascinating is the remote control feature, which can be used to block certain apps, websites, and activities on the target device on which you have installed the mSpy app. This feature can come in extremely handy for parents who want to prevent their children from accessing inappropriate content on their smartphones.

The mSpy control panel provides access to chat history, including deleted messages, from popular chatting apps such as SnapChat, Whatsapp, Skype, and Facebook, to name a few. Also, any media files inserted in these chats will also be accessible to the user.

Besides the chat history, mSpy also provides complete details of the Internet activity on the device, including email correspondences. This is a great way to keep tabs on what your teenager is accessing on the Internet and what websites he or she is visiting the most. SOme parents say that Such scrutiny is needed in the current day and age with the large number of inappropriate websites doing the rounds.

[pullquote]The mSpy monitoring app also provides live information regarding the GPS location of the device at any moment.[/pullquote] Also, if you specify safe and forbidden zones on the app then you will receive a notification every time the device crosses these boundaries. Additionally, the detailed call records, text messages, and contact list stored on the device will also be available via this app.

Furthermore, if you wish to view the media files and images stored on the phone that have not been uploaded or shared on the internet or via messaging, the mSpy app allows you to do this as well. mSpy also provides additional tools to cover any loopholes and to take care of all the scenarios in which the users may want to use the app.

These features include SIM change notification, uninstall alert, keyword alert, and the keylogger facility, which allows checking on any text input across the applications on the phone.

With this wide range of features, mSpy provides unbeatable flexibility and convenience of use and is, therefore, one of the top mobile monitoring apps in the market at the moment. It is a one-stop solution for all device monitoring needs and a must have for those who want to track the activities on a smartphone. So, download mSpy today to start using all of its powerful features with a simple click of a button.

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