Touch Room iPhone App Enables Touching From Afar

One of the things that smartphones have been lacking since they were first introduced is the ability to share presence. This might sound weird considering the smartphone is a device. When we look at the number of apps that use presence as their key feature, the list is short. That is something the Touch Room iPhone app is looking to change. This simple yet interesting and appealing app could make your interaction with others way more immersive.

Touch Room is a different kind of iPhone application that builds on the feeling of presence. How do we feel presence, and how could we virtualize it to make it sharable from afar? It’s something plenty of programmers and developers have struggled with for a long time. With Touch Room, we have possibly come one step closer to solving the mystery around presence.

By recording the movement of one user’s interaction with the screen, encoding it and sending it to another, we get a sense of presence when trying to cross paths with the previous pattern. When touching the previous user’s circle when in motion, the iPhone reacts by vibrating, which gives the user a sense of embrace and presence.

It’s a weird experience that you can’t quite recreate in any other way but through the interaction of movement and patterns. The intelligence behind the movement of the circles is what infuses presence. Even though this type of application will most likely become some sort of game in the future, it’s still a genius demonstration of how simple movement and patterns can give us a sense of presence. It will prevent us from feeling alone even though the two people interacting may be far away from one another. Touch Room is available on the App Store for free, and I encourage anyone to have a go and interact with friends or loved ones they can’t meet in real life due to distance.

Touch Room – Virtual Presence iPhone Application

Touch Room Virtual Presence

Touch Room Virtual Presence

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