UniConverter – The One Video Converter To Rule Them All [Review]

If you are working with video you know that conversion has a huge impact on the overall quality of your video. This is why finding the very best video converter is ultimately one of the most important aspects of video creation. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at UniConverter, a video/audio converter that we would dare to deem the one video converter to rule them all. Question is, after reading this article, will you feel the same? We think so!

Before we get into the technical stuff, it’s important that you write down the aspects that you feel are the most important when using a video/audio converter. By doing that, you know what to look for when choosing your video converter. It’s always a great way to gauge just how well a video converter will serve your needs. Once you have done that, keep reading and take mental notes. This one is going to present you with a whole lot of amazing extra features that you never knew you missed.

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UniConverter – What Is This Video Converter All About?

To begin with, let’s just say that 50 million customers can’t be wrong. That would be mathematically impossible. I mean, looking at how many people are using this software should be enough for anyone to take dive into its features and learn its secrets. So, why have 50 million users decided to pick up this software and why do they keep using it? – That’s what we are going to share within this article. Let’s get started.

Features, Features, Features

Taking a quick look at the feature list on the official UniConverter website, you quickly understand that this is not your everyday video converter. It’s much more than that and then some. The user interface is clean, professional, and easy to navigate the most prominent features such as convert video, edit video, compress video, record video, download video, burn DVD, and not to forget the toolbox that is filled with goodies.

Each feature set has its very own screen that is, again, super clean and easy to navigate as a user. Thanks to the carefully laid-out interface, it feels like you have used this software before and it’s easy to get into things straight away. No road-bumps and the learning curve is among the narrowest that we have seen when it comes to video/audio converter software. A gold star to the developers of UniConverter for taking the time to put the user at the center of the software experience.

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More times than not, developers try to cram every feature under the sun into their video converters without understanding the one rule every developer should always keep in the back of their minds, less is more.

So, what do I mean with this? Well, if a feature is carefully planned you can easily implement several features into one with a more linear approach rather than to create new buttons for everything. UniConverter is a great example of such a developer mindset.

Multi-Format Conversion Toolset

Every video converter boasts about their own set of formats and functionalities, however, never before have I seen a toolset such as that found in UniConverter. When I started looking at the formats it supported my I was almost shocked to the core. Just have a look at this… I mean, just reading about the ways you can reduce the video size with their tools is ground enough for me to want to mess around with UniConverter for the rest of my career.

  • Converts to and from more than 1,000 video and audio formats.
  • 30x faster conversion speed.
  • Converts videos for different devices.
  • Converts multiple media files at once.
  • Image converter.
  • GIF maker.
  • Fixes metadata.
  • Transfers videos.
  • CD burner and ripper.
  • VR converter.

I mean, now I am starting to understand why UniConverter is such a massively popular video and audio converter software. The toolset alone would justify the insanely low $39.95 annual subscription plan. I would dare to say that most likely every single one of you agrees with me.

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What impressed me more than anything was that you can even convert AVI to MP4 online, for FREE! They even allow you to convert between other formats with a 100 MB video size limitation. Still, it’s incredibly impressive to see that they are offering up their technologies for anyone to use, for free. Big props! – A side note, as if their kindness was not enough, they even shout out other online converters that I believe are not their own. Again, big props!

Device Conversions – What Devices Can UniConverter Convert To?

Video doesn’t display or play the same way on every single device. Shocking, isn’t it? – Well, almost every single device out there has its own screen resolution so you can understand that optimizing the quality for each device can be nothing less than an annoyance. With UniConverter, not so much!

UniConverter can convert videos to pretty much every single device on the planet that has a screen. At least that’s what it feels like. If the device you want to convert to is not supported, well, then I am quite sure that the developers are working hard at implementing it into their software. Why not reach out to them and suggest a certain implementation? I am sure they would love to get their users’ suggestions for improvements. Before you contact them, however, have a look at this list of devices that UniConverter supports.

  • Apple – iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone SE, iPhone 4S or later, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and many more…
  • Android – Samsung devices, Huawei devices, Xiaomi devices, Google devices, and many more…
  • Game Consoles – XBox One, XBox, PS4, Wii and many more…

If you are interested in taking a look at the complete list of supported devices then you can do so at the official UniConverter Tech Specs page over at the official UniConverter website.

So, Tell Me, What Do I Have To Do To Obtain This Holy Grail Of Video/Audio Converters?

Well, that is a quite simple question to answer. First, head over to their website to read up on the software a bit more. Do you remember what I said at the beginning of this article? Yes, take the list of features that you need your video/audio converter to have and compare them to what is offered in UniConverter. I am pretty sure you will come out of that comparison a whole other person with greater ambitions and new toolset requirements from then on forward.

When you are decided, hit up their “Buy Now” page and choose one of the available subscription/purchase options. They are…

  • Free – You can use it for free for a limited time. (I was unable to find for how long though)
  • Annual Plan – For $39.95 per year you get all of the features packed in UniConverter.
  • Perpetual Plan – For $55.96 you get UniConverter with all of its features. One time payment only.
  • Business Plans – Customize your business plan yourself choosing how many computers and what kind of payment plan you want or if you want to go with the perpetual plan. The choice is yours entirely.


The thing is, I could go on and on about UniConverter and its amazing features and I would but this article would then be excruciatingly long and I would much rather you spent that time experience UniConverter instead of me fanboying over it. Yes, I agree, I really do.

To sum it all up, I honestly think that if you are looking for a wholesome and well put together editing and conversion software, you will find it quite difficult to find another software that holds the same amount of power that UniConverter does. It’s just packed with features in a way that other software are not.

The user interface is comfortable and the learning curve is incredibly forgiving. Now, I will stop there because I feel like I will just keep on and on about it.

I will leave you with a few words… Do yourself a favor and check UniConverter out and give it a whirl. You don’t just owe it to yourself, you owe it to your workflow and your success to. There just nothing else out there to match it. Now, wave that editing wand of yours and dazzle the world with your creativity.

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