A PDF Converter That Helps You Edit PDF’s As Easily As Word Docs [Review]

While PDF’s come with a bunch of convenient features pertaining to security and portability, editing them can be a major hassle. Anyone who has ever had to edit a PDF must have silently wished that it was as easy a task as editing an MS Word doc. Finally, these prayers have been answered in the form of PDFElement 6 Pro, a PDF converter that also doubles up as a hassle-free PDF editor.

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PDFElement 6 Pro comes with a clean and intuitive user interface that makes editing PDF files an extremely simple task. With the various features provided by this tool, you can edit, create, and convert PDF files with unbelievable ease. The most outstanding feature is the select and edit option for text, which basically means that you can select any text and change its font, size, or position, just like in an MS Word doc.

You can also drag and drop any file you wish to convert into PDF format onto the user interface and then edit it as per your liking before the one-click conversion. Wondershare is known to create efficient and user-friendly desktop tools and this PDF converter is no exception. Here are some of the features that make this PDF converter the only PDF editing tool that you will ever need:

  • Create, Edit, and Convert PDF Files
  • Add Annotations & Comments
  • Secure & Sign PDF files
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Optimization of File Size
  • Batch Processing of PDF Files
  • Extraction of Form Data

Additionally, the latest version of PDFElement 6 Pro is all set to bring the following features:

  • A Brand New Interface with Similar Functionalities for MAC and Windows
  • Enhanced Data Extraction from Any Kind of PDF File
  • Full Support for Opening, Reading and Filling XFA based PDF Forms
  • Option to Attach Any File to A PDF Document
  • Advanced Editing Options for Graphic-Based Objects
  • Multi-Tiles Screen Display with Drag Option

With so many features that make the editing of PDF’s a child’s play, PDFElement 6 Pro is the one-stop solution for all PDF editing tasks. It is no surprise that this PDF converter has been rated amongst the top PDF converters and editors by leading websites such as Techadvisor.co.uk and Lifehack.org . If you are someone who has to edit a lot of PDF documents as a part of your job or simply need a PDF editing tool for your personal work then the PDFElement 6 Pro will definitely take care of all your needs.

This efficient PDF converter and editor for Windows and MAC offer the flexibility that PDF documents inherently lack. So get the PDFElement 6 Pro today if you want an effective and reliable tool for the editing and conversion of all kinds of PDF files. We are certain that you will be nothing short of impressed!

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A PDF Converter That Helps You Edit PDF’s As Easily As Word Docs

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