3 Best US States To Start An LLC In

At this point in time (having in mind the Covid-19 and so on) businesses tend to struggle to survive. Although as of writing this guide, vaccines are being administered and everything seems to be getting back on track business-wise.

There’s one exception – IT businesses which not even did NOT suffer but actually boomed during the lockdowns and etc. We’ll focus more on states that are friendly for internet-based businesses. But you can certainly consider those for a wider array of businesses as well.

In this article, we’ll dive a bit deeper into TOP 3 U.S. states that are most friendly for your new LLC. So let’s start.

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1. LLC In California

It’s definitely of the top choices for businesses in the US. California is an immensely wealthy state, it’s home to the famous Silicon Valley where all major IT companies reside. No surprise that a lot of new IT startups choose CA, USA for their new businesses. Not only it’s friendly for IT, but for a lot of other biz in a variety of other categories. Here’s a quick video showing you how you can form an LLC in CA yourself.

2. LLC In Utah

Utah stands out from other states with its 0% corporate tax and 0% individual tax rates. It’s especially beneficial for international IT companies’ owners who’re looking to pay ‘optimal’ taxes in the U.S. In order to start an LLC in Utah, you will only need to pay a $70 filing fee and a $20 annual maintenance fee. That makes it a perfect choice for a wide array of new LLCs

3. LLC In Texas

Texas is booming with new startups lately. Especially Austin, which is now being called the “2nd Silicon Valley”. Reason for that is the very attractive tax policies in Texas. It is also relatively not so far away from California, so a lot of Californians and their businesses are moving exactly to Texas due to lower taxes and a more business-friendly environment. Also, it’s worth mentioning that wages and real estate costs are a lot lower than in CA as well. So if you want to form your LLC in Texas – read this guide.

Final Thoughts

Here you have it – 3 US states that are truly friendly for your new business. Once you choose your preferred state – you will only have to form your LLC. You can either do this yourself or instead save a lot of time and hire a professional company to file an LLC for you.

For example, you can use a widely known service called SwyftFilings (you can see its review here: https://llcguys.com/reviews/swyft-filings-review-2021-pros-cons-overall-value/). Personally, I would recommend using SwyftFilings or any other LLC creation service for that matter, simply because it’s really affordable and saves you a lot of time and headache.

So that’s about it – now you know how to form an LLC for your business easily in one of those 3 states we mentioned. If you’d ask me – I would probably recommend Texas the most. Good luck with your new LLC formations.

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