3 Ways Small Businesses And Tradespersons Can Better Organize Their Services

Napoleon Hill is credited with once saying, “First comes thought, then organization of that thought into ideas and plans, then transformation of those plans into reality.” This couldn’t be truer in business. First you get this great idea, that one product or service that you know could revolutionize the world. But what happens next is critical. You must organize that idea so that it actually happens. Why? Because organization can keep you focused and efficient so you ultimately get where you want to go.

Whether you own a small business centered around providing products or offer a service focused on a trade, there are several ways to organize that can help you create a more structured company. Here are three options you can implement, starting today.

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1. Organize – Create A System

Have you ever searched for a vendor order or a project quote that you know you had in your hands a day or two ago, yet you now cannot find? If so, it’s possible that creating a system is just what you need to hopefully never face that issue again.

Place paper-based work in its own individual folder in a file cabinet so you can easily grab it when you need it. For electronic communications, put them in separate folders on a USB drive so you can take them with you when you’re on the go.

You can even save paper receipts electronically by using apps that scan these types of documents. Evernote is one that offers a free plan, with premium options for purchase if you want the app to do more.

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2. Use Business Management Software

Another easy way to better organize your service is to use business management software. This can help from a variety of standpoints, from scheduling your jobs more efficiently to project quoting and invoicing, and everything in between.

For tradespersons specifically, there are a multitude of tech solutions that can help them get more organized nowadays: Tradify’s software, geared for HVAC tradesmen, is a good example of how a well-managed day-to-day system for tradesmen can look. Be sure to pick out a solution that streamlines your specific line of work, and does not encumber it in any way that eventually creates more work for you.

When you have all aspects of your business being handled by one program, it saves time by not having to access a bunch of different sites to do different things. This increase in efficiency also benefits your consumer by spending less time administratively and more time with them.

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3. Spend Time Organizing Daily

Organizing your services isn’t something you can do once and be done. Yes, a bulk of the effort comes in up front when creating a system and setting up your software, but this is one task that needs to be addressed daily to be the most effective.

One of the best times to organize is right when you begin work before you run the risk of being sidetracked by another project or task. Set aside a half hour first thing to go through your emails that have come in since you last checked or handle any issues that have arisen overnight.

It also helps to take the last 15-30 minutes of your day and organize then too. Take all of your papers and either scan them or file them away so you can easily find them when you need them. Clear your workspace so when you return the next day, you’re starting with a clean slate. Tidy workspaces also help ease stress, improve health, and improve image, making them even more important to retain.

Do these three things—create a system, use business management software, and organize daily—and you’ll be one step closer to making your ideal business a reality. That’s one vision that is worth working toward.

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