10 Really Simple Product Ideas That Made Billions [Infographic]

Are you sitting on an idea that you think could change the world? Maybe you’re afraid that it might be a little bit too simple, so you decide not to realize it. That could be a monumental mistake. The world is full of innovators. Most of them are working on groundbreaking intricate technologies that if described wouldn’t even make sense to any of us. Did you know that some of the world’s most successful companies are based on really simple product ideas?

There are companies that have made fortunes in the amount of billions from product ideas that most of us would probably be able to “invent,” but we think they are too simple to ever take off. Intrigued? You should be, because some of those ideas were started with almost no money at all. Some didn’t even get off the ground until the world realized their simplicity was too useful not to be used, if that make sense.

Products of today seem to be all about intricate technological solutions. If it is not a smartphone, then it is some kind of watch or a pair of ski glasses that will virtually show you everything about the terrain, weather and what have you. The lack of simplicity is almost stunning.

Now let’s see! I was presented an infographic that could change how you look at that idea of yours. The infographic is called 10 Simple Product Ideas That Made Billions and was compiled by Grow America. It lists 10 of the world’s most simple product ideas that came to bring in billions of dollars. Let it be an inspiration since many of these had a really rocky beginning. The impressively simple product ideas like Post-it notes, the Frisbee, the Slinky and many other product ideas have come to define a whole era of useful and fun tools and items.

The simple and straight forward ingenuity doesn’t have to stop just because we’re making technological advancements that would make even Spock and Darth Vader put their coffee in their throats. Simple and fun product ideas are always the best ones. As Leonardo da Vinci said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” so why aren’t we utilizing it? Realize that simple product idea of yours. You never know, you might be the next billionaire to enter the Forbes 100 richest people list. Only you can decide what your fate is.

Get Inspired! Realize Your Simple Product Ideas!

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Via: [visual.ly]