3 CRM Myths Debunked

CRM, or customer relationship management, is how your business manages its interactions with clients. Great CRM software helps you keep track of every point of contact with customers, so you can see the purchases they’ve made, the questions they’ve had, and the problems they’ve faced.

Companies use this information to improve their customer experience and their business as a whole. If you’re a small business owner and don’t have a CRM tool, you’ve probably been doing your research and may have learned a few myths on the way. Here are three of the biggest myths about CRM and why they’re not true.

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Myth 1 – CRM Is Not Worth The Money

Some business owners have been led to believe that CRM software isn’t worth the money. No matter the size of your company, CRM can help you generate and keep business, especially when partnered with other tools. brightpattern‘s contact center software can be easily integrated with its CRM tool. This pairing allows your company to prioritize customer experience. When your clients have a problem, they can contact the call center by video chat, phone call, SMS, and more, and all these digital channels are connected to the agent desktop.

You can create customized content for your clients based on the information in the CRM system and when customers have a problem, the team has access to everything they need, including phone numbers, interaction history, and call recordings. These tools are invaluable when it comes to growing your business.

CRM is always worth the money, even if you own a small company. You’ll have access to important information stored in one convenient place. If you’re looking to grow your company and improve its customer service, CRM is the way to go, especially when it’s integrated with additional software.

Myth 2 – CRM Is Just For The Customer Service Team

You might be thinking that only the customer service team would benefit from a CRM tool, so what’s the point? Actually, your entire company can benefit from CRM software. This is because the information collected can be used by every team for a specific purpose. The marketing team can see which campaigns were most successful and to whom. Looking at who is engaging with your social media platforms or mentioning a blog post from the website when they come into the store will help the marketing team know which practices to continue.

The sales team can use CRM data to drive future sales and find new leads. Finally, you and your managers can assess frequent issues and work to solve them permanently. Customer service should drive every team in your company, which means CRM will be valuable to every person.

Myth 3 – CRM Is Just For Big Businesses

Some small business owners are turned off by the idea of CRM. They think it will make their interactions with customers less personal and that only big businesses really need this type of software. The reality is that all companies can benefit from CRM. A CRM tool is completely scalable and will only help you increase personal interactions with customers. You may have started your company with a system for CRM, like a spreadsheet or notebook, but as you grow that becomes unwieldy.

Using software will keep everything organized and efficient, so it’s a good idea to start with the software right away. You don’t want your company to grow without a great CRM tool in place. The right software will help you personalize your interactions and keep client data organized, so it really is right for a business of any size.

Don’t let the myths of CRM stop you from trying out the software. Start training your team on how to effectively use a CRM tool today and you’ll appreciate the work you’ve done once the business is booming.

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