3 Keys To Hosting A Memorable Conference

It’s an understatement to say that much about the world has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. One significant difference is people’s expectations surrounding how technology should connect us.

After all, we spent hours on Zoom meetings. Unsurprisingly, hearing and seeing someone in real-time is no longer enough to dazzle. Today’s work conferences are quite different from those of even a few years ago, even if some things are still alike.

3 Keys Hosting Memorable Conference


Let’s check out 3 keys to exceeding expectations and running a great conference.

1. Smooth, Impressive Tech At The Conference

We’ve all been in a Zoom call where the audio or visuals didn’t work properly. Maybe we laughed away the problem and awkwardness the first time it happened, but it stopped being funny when it caused frustration and needless delays.

If you don’t own the proper AV equipment and other advanced gear, you need to get it from industry leaders like Toronto Audio Visual Rentals.

They can ensure you have everything you need to offer a powerful and seamless experience, whether it involves public, hybrid, or virtual live streaming.

They even handle recording, editing, colour correction, installations, and consultations themselves as a turnkey solution. If the clients, customers and others at the conference see your technology fail to work properly, they’ll lose faith in your overall ability to deliver everywhere.

On the flip side, if the underlying technology works smoothly and exceeds expectations, they’ll be more inclined to work with you.

2. Face Time And Booths

How do you plan to make time to speak to people face-to-face? Conferences can be an excellent way to use tech to send a powerful, controlled message to a group of people. It’s also wonderful for making closer, intimate connections with prospective clients and customers.

It’s wise to prepare a story that explains your value proposition and who you are, something you’re ready to speak freely about with people at varying lengths. Prep something for brief and longer conversations.

You can even print some swag so the people you connect with remember your branding long after the event. Harnessing technology is essential in the digital age, but human relationships will always be a major part of doing business.

3. Don’t Be Afraid Of Networking

Many people feel uncomfortable about the very idea of networking. Blending their personal and work relationships is tricky for them, and they struggle to stick the landing. Maybe they get nervous before or awkward during conversations.

Don’t overthink it! Everybody at conferences is looking to further their careers, grow their business, and have a pleasant enough time. Be cordial, polite, and friendly while taking care of your business first.

You’ll leave the conference with more connections, and should you become friendly with these people outside of work, that’s a bonus.

Companies and business leaders need a plan when they attend conferences, as they can be incredible ways to tell their stories, make important connections, and walk away with more business. Remember the above three points, and your conference will be memorable for all.

3 Keys Hosting Memorable Conference


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