3 Sure-Fire Ways To Market Your Website

Have you been working on boosting your marketing game for your website? Researching competitive keywords and blending them into your blog content?

Fantastic! Those are two key strategies to get more visitors to your site and money in your wallet. Read ahead to learn about even more sure-fire ways to entice more visitors to your online business.

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Make YouTube Informational Videos

Creating informative videos and posting them on YouTube can lure thousands of new people into viewing your content for free. Soon after, Google will index the video. In addition, viewers may embed your content and share it on their social channels.

Everyone wants their video to go viral, but you don’t need 5 million people to see yours to garner many quality visitors. Instead, place a call to action in your video that will encourage visitors to do something, such as go to your website and download a free report about a topic of interest to them.

Next, consider advertising on other users’ videos by purchasing ads that relate to your business. Done right, this too can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Guest Blogging

This is definitely an underutilized but effective way to increase links to your site. An increased number of links means Google will assess you as more authoritative, which results in a higher ranking and more visitors.

For guest blogging, you compose a post for a major blog in your niche to exhibit your knowledge of the terrain. Every guest post that links to your site has the potential to generate extra traffic from the other authoritative site to yours.

Whether you’re a newbie or a long-established operation, you may find it tough sledding to score a guest blogging opportunity on certain high-traffic websites. Many that are worth their salt carefully check the authority of who writes their posts, or simply maintain a policy of not accepting guest submissions.

Just remember that guest blogging shouldn’t focus directly on SEO. It’s more about creating a relationship with the publisher and its particular audience, much of which may not currently overlap with yours.

If you can foster that relationship and provide new content on a regular basis, that will win you traffic, of course, but it also will cultivate valuable contacts in your field.


They call Reddit “the front page of the Internet,” but it has massive potential only if you know how to use it effectively. Reddit is a site where you can talk about almost anything with millions of people.

It stands out from other sites because naked marketing is banned there. These are smart and savvy people, and they will smell an ad from a mile away and block you immediately.

The first thing you have to do to make it on Reddit is to find your niche. For example, if you sell webinars on FDA pharmaceutical rules and regulations, you should be able to locate many subreddits about FDA regs and pharmaceuticals.

Next, you need to integrate yourself into that community. Find the most relevant circles, build your reputation, and provide helpful info. Note that every subreddit has a different flavor; some feature many memes, others might lean more toward long, wordy posts.

Your job is to run with the crowd. How you approach your subreddit will determine whether you become part of the “in” crowd there. When you post interesting, insightful comments, others will invariably take notice.

After spending time giving back to the Reddit community and developing some friends, you might be in a position to begin to mention your website but do it carefully. One way is to ask for feedback about something on your website.

If you cultivate your use of Reddit intelligently, it can become a significant part of your marketing efforts.

By using these three marketing methods, you will steadily increase traffic to your website of folks who are likely to be interested in your offerings.

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