3 Top Predictive Analytics Solution Benefits In Retail Industry

As technology continues to revolutionize varying industries, businesses can’t afford to miss out on certain opportunities that give them an edge. IT solutions, however, can seem like an unnecessary expenditure, especially for smaller businesses that think such tools are only viable for large corporations. This, however, can’t be any further from the truth, as regardless of your business size, budget, and industry, some tools such as predictive analytics solutions can prove to be quite essential.

The retail industry is among the most competitive sectors. What’s more, with online services continuing to mount pressure, your business can benefit a lot from a complete predictive analytics solution. But, do you need the tool? Well, can you realistically develop a personal relationship with every last customer that comes your way? If you are serving and targeting a broad customer base, it means that developing a personal relationship is hardly possible.

As such, you rely on data, and while traditional business intelligence might seem to be delivering quality results, a complete predictive analytics solution can do more, allowing your business to gain an edge in the competitive market. Here is how investing in predictive analytics solutions can help your business.

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A Growth Tool

Who are your customers? What do they want, and when? While striving to grow your business, such information is critical. You need to inspire loyalty, and it can only be achieved if you have an intimate understanding that allows you to change your behaviors in a way that keeps your customers glued to your business.

With a complete predictive analytics solution, you can conveniently score each customer based on their individual behaviors rather than a generalized approach that is bound to see you lose a significant following.

From sales, and marketing to customer care among other points that directly impact your customers, you can gather valuable insights to help you personalize your strategies. For instance, you get to understand the best exclusive offers that will keep certain customers happy, which products to change, and spot customers who are about to lapse and implement measures to tip their decision in your business’ favor.

As you grow your loyal customer base, you can fast track your business’ growth, making complete predictive analytics solution an indispensable tool as you work towards a bigger and better business.

Gain An Edge Over The Competitors

What are the trending buying patterns? What changes are affecting your customers’ tastes and preferences?  While the freely available information can help you to keep up with your competitors, with a complete predictive analytics solution, you not only take advantage of such information but also get actionable intelligence from your data. This allows you to implement measures in line with the marketplace changes before competitors do, giving you a head start and an edge in the competitive market.

With the actionable intelligence, moreover, you get a chance to establish why customers prefer your business over the competitors, as well as point out weaknesses that could be driving them away. This, in return, helps you to develop effective strategies to generate quality leads, enhance the conversion rate, and consequently increase your sales revenue.

A Learning Tool

If you don’t learn from your mistakes, you are bound to repeat them. Among the primary reason that drives businesses to analyze past performance data is to avoid repeating the same mistakes. As traditional business intelligence only relies on quantitative data, it might not paint a vivid picture compared to the complete predictive analytics solution. Apart from the quantitative data, the complete predictive analytics solution also considers unstructured and social data, such as feedback from your customers’ surveys and complaints.

With such scope, the solution allows you to learn what happened in the past and formulate a model that accurately predicts what you can expect to happen in the future. You can, therefore, capture valuable data and gain a better understanding that traditional business intelligence can’t achieve.

If you use your data correctly, you can improve your retail business operating margins by over 60%, one of the benefits that a complete predictive analytics solution facilitates. With its numerous benefits, you can’t afford to ignore it, especially noting that you can find a solution that fits within your budget, and that works better than the traditional business intelligence solutions.

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