34 Most Asked Job Interview Questions & How To Answer Them

Applying for a job these days is not an easy task. Employers pretty much ask for a well written resume the size of a phone book, the old school one that is. People are also struggling to keep up with the ways employers research and evaluate your chances of handling the tasks should you be granted the position. But sometimes your written timeline isn’t where you will fail, it’s when you’re answering all those job interview questions. That’s where most people bite the dust.

In order to land a job today, you will have to have great creativity and be ready to instantly bust out your street smart answers. The pressure during job interviews is quite stressful for most people since the questions are usually as vague as they can possibly be. They are designed to make sure you will be able to present yourself and not just give answers you know they want to hear. There is more at stake than just getting the job done.

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As always, we here at Bit Rebels want to help, and we recently dug up an infographic that could come to be a huge help in your quest of landing that dream job you have been gearing up to apply for. It’s called Most Asked Job Interview Questions And How To Answer Them, and it is presented by Sample Questionnaire. It will give you invaluable advice for how to answer the job interview questions in a professional way without putting you into a corner which will later come back to bite you in that butt.

It’s a guide which could help you answer the questions your way. There are plenty of guides that give you direct answers to certain questions, but whatever you do, stay away from those. Instead, put yourself in the middle of your answers and make them work in your favor. One thing to always remember is that the employer is not an almighty judge who is there to approve or disapprove you as a person. The person interviewing you is merely trying to assess whether you are the best man or women for the position they are looking to fill. It’s not more complicated than that.

Relax and be sure to put “you” in the room where the job interview questions are asked. You can’t be who you’re not, so you might as well stop trying. The best way has always been to be yourself. Answer the questions in a way that makes your personality and skills shine. Making things up should never be an option. It will always come back to bite you one day. The truth will never fail to deliver the real you.

Ultimate Answering Guide To Job Interview Questions

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Via: [Love Infographics]


  • comment-avatar

    I love this post! Although it has been awhile since I’ve had to interview, some of those questions always scared me to death! Thanks for breaking them down and making it so much less intimidating!

  • comment-avatar
    Sarah 9 years

    This was really poorly written from top down… “Tell the panel that you can get along with any kind of co workers by adjusting with them all the times by dealing things quite softly.” … What?

    • comment-avatar
      Julie 8 years

      I thought the same thing! If someone is giving me advice on getting a job they should be able to properly put together a sentence. And none of these answers have real examples – they are so very vague.

  • comment-avatar
    Laura McCool 9 years

    This is one of the best tools I have read regarding how to answer those difficult questions that employers ask. I have been out of work since 2008. Due to medical issues I gave up my last job to focus on family. Five years later, things are leveled out and I would like to start back to work. What advice do you have for the “older” class of experienced employees? My resume is good but I just am not where to start. Thanks for all your company does for people like myself.

  • comment-avatar

    The most difficult question to answer is always about your weaknesses. You are not sure what to say and what not, you don’t want things to go in opposite direction for you at that time.

  • comment-avatar
    Erin 9 years

    I’m with Sarah. Not only is some of the advice questionable, but the grammar in this info-graphic is terrible. Job interviewees, take note – people care about what you say, how you say it, and how you write it.

  • comment-avatar
    Lee 8 years

    My problem questions are usually, “If we contacted your boss right now, what would they have to say about you?” Or, “What were some of the negative things about your previous job?” Really hard for me to answer when the job in question had a hostile work environment that centered on the “favorites” system.

  • comment-avatar
    Kat 7 years

    Generic info at best. And there is not a single usable answer in the bunch. I would never take career advice from someone who cannot even put together a simple sentence!

  • comment-avatar
    GrammarNana 7 years

    FAIL! In so many ways.Thanks for playing, though.

  • comment-avatar
    Nikki 6 years

    Wow. I read about 5 before I realized this was a satirical infographic. It is satire, right? This can’t be real advice…

  • comment-avatar
    cm 6 years

    why do all these yaps give examples of dialogue, real answers …

  • comment-avatar
    Vincent Waibadi 5 years

    why is always job interview, can’t the employer just ask few question and let the employee try out, I tell you all will be fine.

  • comment-avatar
    menya bright 5 years

    dont they give practical tasks

  • comment-avatar
    Brittany 5 years

    Although the grammar in this infographic could use work, it is not up to the infographic or the person who wrote it to give you exact answers to your interviewer’s questions. That is up to the reader. If you can not infer and/or use your past experiences to see how you can use the information given, then you should not interview at all. Following any advice verbatim will make you sound like a robot, therefore, not sounding like yourself.