4 Reasons Customers Respond To Mass Text Marketing

When it comes to marketing to large audiences, businesses have to take a lot of important factors into consideration. Marketing is one of the most important things that a business can invest in, however, it can also be detrimental if the marketing doesn’t provide results. When it comes to mass marketing, the simple truth is that it’s not cheap. Reaching a lot of people, typically requires some kind of investment, so companies want to make sure they are using the right techniques.

Getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to marketing for a large audience, is something that mass text campaigns have been able to consistently provide. Not only do a high percentage of customers enjoy text message marketing, but it is an effective way to set your business apart from the competition.

If you have been looking into the benefits of mass text marketing, and have been curious about its benefits. Here are four things that customers love about mass text marketing, and why they respond so well to it.

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1. Mass Text Marketing Is Convenient

One of the reasons that customers respond to mass text marketing so positively, is that it allows companies to send information that people care about in a truly convenient way. While other forms of mass marketing like email are still effective, text marketing represents a level of convenience and ease that’s hard to match.

When it comes to receiving a message, using an avenue that consumers are familiar with and use on a daily bases is a great way to get in front of your customers. Not only is mass texting convenient, but it also represents a much more personal and familiar form of communication.

Emails, or paper mail, have their place in the marketing world and can be used very effectively, however, text messages have a level of personal connection that is unique. Not only that, but consumers are more inundated with messaging and marketing than ever before. So text marketing also represents a way of sending a message that won’t be lost in a spam folder, or a pile of mail they will never open.

2. It Provides A Powerful Interaction

Another reason why customers love mass text marketing is that companies can use interactive methods to get customers what they want. A keyword campaign is something that mass text marketing uses to allow the customer to decide how much information they want to receive.

For example, in a keyword campaign, an initial message will be sent out that offers information. If the customer responds with a certain designated keyword, then they will receive the information via another text message straight to their phone.

This is a great method of instigating customer participation and sharing promotional content or information regarding sales. Rather than just sending the information straight to the customer, this method of interaction can further engage them with promising results.  If the customer does not want this added information, they can choose to ignore it.

Another benefit of keyword campaigning is that you can offer your customer the chance to opt-out of all future mass texts by responding with a termination keyword.

3. Mass Texts Are Not Complicated

By utilizing a mass text service that allows your marketing team to schedule text campaigns, you can minimize complications when it comes to reaching a large audience. When a customer receives a text message, they don’t see or interact with any of the other customers in that campaign.

Another feature to look for when finding a mass text platform to invest in is automation. Having automation enabled that can interact with the customer in real-time can increase your customer satisfaction in powerful ways. Automation when it comes to mass text campaigns is something that should be non-negotiable. The benefit to automation with text messaging is that it maintains a personal touch that the customer appreciates.

Being able to build out specific automation for each text campaign can help give your marketing department the edge that it needs to win over potential customers and grow brand loyalty.

4. Mass Text Campaigns Can Provide Powerful Insight

Even though this indirectly affects the customer, mass text campaigns can provide powerful insight to marketing teams. The fact that text campaigns can involve so much interaction can give marketing teams the data they need to further understand and analyze their customers. In the long run, this kind of data can help to show teams how they can improve their customer experience in powerful and meaningful ways.


Marketing to existing and potential customers will always be a challenge. In today’s digital age when customers are exposed to more advertisement and marketing than ever before, text message marketing could be the unique method that makes your company stand out. With a deep sense of personalization, along with meaningful interactive elements that make text message marketing unique, this could be a great resource to checkout!

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