5 Marketing Activities You Can Set And Forget

Congratulations on becoming an entrepreneur! Now, let’s get down to the secret to a successful business, a good marketing strategy. No gains will look your way, if, you cannot get audience and customers. Even the largest businesses had to start small. Marketing is what got them to their successful status that you see today.

The modern age has presented many benefits and perks! One of biggest boons undeniably is that you have the internet on your side as well. Without the internet, you would have to do a lot on your own! Now, reaching out to (your target) audience is an easier task; but remember that all businesses are trying the same strategies to get maximum visitors, who might be potential clients. So you need to devise ways to make your mark!

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What Marketing Activities Can Be Easy To Implement And Worry-Free Too?

You need marketing strategies and activities that do not take up too much of your time. Would you only want to focus on the marketing activities, and forget about other aspects of your business? Surely not! Automation is the need of the hour for such activities. Here are some fabulous activities that will help your business soar high, once automated:

  1. Marketing & Sales Automation: Would you really want to spend hours or even days, in a single email? That is a complete waste of time and resources! Automation of these emails is a smart way of handling the strategy, which markets your brand, while you get to focus on (more pressing?) matters that need your utmost attention.
  2. Automated Emails for New Customers: As mentioned, in the above point, you need to automate the marketing emails, but that includes confirmation emails after a purchase. What about the welcome emails? When a new customer joins your list of contacts, you need to welcome them. Without this, the customer might feel that they are not valued! Set up auto-emails for these messages. Autoresponders can also be an innovative way of achieving this task. Tools like Drip and Pinpointe, can be used to set up autoresponders. Depending on the subscribers’ behavior, the autoresponders can create customized welcome messages. Specific interest emails can also be set according to customer behavior. Automating these emails also improve conversion and retention, without the need of too much attention.
  3. Social Media Automation: Well, content is important, but without appropriate promotion, it becomes a failure. Social media has gained significant popularity over the years. This will help your business as well, but handling social media posts need 24/7 attention. Do you have that time? Hiring an SEO consultant of Sydney, like Seo North Sydney, to do it may be an option, and taking the automation route is another. Automate the social media updates with numerous tools that are available. With apps like Buffer, you will be able to share your content on social media, without having to spend too many resources (or time).
  4. Lead Generation Process needs Automation: Generating enough leads can require a great deal of hard work. Leading traffic to your website can significantly improve conversion rates. After that, you will need to focus on the lead flow processes, which can take up major chunks of your time. No need to worry, just automate this process as you will find more time on your hands to complete other tasks, which cannot be automated.
  5. Success Monitoring Needs Marketing Analytics to be Automated: ROI is an essential part of any business. Insight into the marketing analytics is difficult to find. Automation will help you gain insight into this aspect, as well. Marketing automation platforms can be integrated with others that you use for making the process easier and convenient (leaving you time for other things).

How To Achieve The Desired Level Of Automation?

  • You need to start with one area of your business that would find automation to be beneficial.
  • Review at least three tools, available on the internet, to meet your automation needs.
  • Start implementation, and continue this process with new areas, to reach the desired level of automation.

If you want marketing strategies that can be implemented and forgotten, then you will need to walk down the automation route. Without this, you could be wasting time and money. There are aspects that do not need much of your resources. Automate to set the ball rolling, that too on its own!

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