The 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions For Salespeople

There’s little doubt that the internet is the single most powerful tool in the modern salesperson’s repertoire, but are we making the most of it? There are a plethora of Google Chrome extensions currently available, and the best ones have the potential to transform our professional performance. There are Google Chrome extensions available for every sales area, including lead generation, securing conversions, organization, and much more.

That said, many of us still have an unfortunate tendency to overload our browsers with too many extensions in the hope that they will give us some new edge in productivity. In fact, an overabundance of extensions will most often simply serve to slow down our systems and impede our workflow. That’s why quality beats out quantity when it comes to Chrome extensions every time. So let’s look at some of the best available Chrome extensions that you can use to boost your performance and drive up your sales figures.

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1. Grammarly

As salespeople, we know how important it is to craft the perfect pitch. And, whether we know it or not, every communication we produce, from email to social media post, is a pitch that represents us and our products. While most of us spend a lot of time writing, the majority of salespeople don’t come from a formal writing background or education, which is why Grammarly is so useful.

Grammarly is a Chrome extension that analyses almost everything you type on your browser in real-time, including emails, documents, and comments. It instantly picks up errors in spelling or grammar, allowing you to fix any errors before you decide to hit the “Send” button.

The paid version also offers more detailed error checking and advanced solutions for customizing your writing. When you’re communicating with influential stakeholders and clients for the biggest accounts, you don’t want to risk a careless mistake letting your writing down, so don’t hesitate to let Grammarly cover your back.

2. Crystal

A huge part of being a successful salesperson comes down to your ability to anticipate how a lead will behave in a given situation. Unfortunately, there aren’t any Chrome extensions that can read people’s minds, but Crystal may just be the next best thing. Crystal is an extension that can put together detailed customer profiles by analyzing a person’s public online activity on websites and social media platforms.

Crystal then employs artificial intelligence algorithms to generate insights into the personalities of your leads, which can help tip the balance in your favor when approaching them with future communications. Specific insights could include something like “Don’t question their competency” or “Avoid general criticism”, which will allow you to hone a communication style that’s most likely to produce a positive response. When you’re pursuing a hot lead who could generate significant revenue for your business, this tool could give you the edge over the competition.

3. SignalHire

If you work in recruitment or B2B sales, this Chrome extension is an essential tool to empower your performance. Think of SignalHire as a search engine for people. The service allows you to search through over 400 million unique profiles on the biggest social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and GitHub, to return results by name, location, or keywords, such as job specializations or current employer.

SignalHire actually searches through a person’s online profiles in-depth to reveal relevant details that a person might not include in their basic profile information.

There’s an option for batch searches that can return up to 1,000 email addresses, which can help you maintain a high volume of lead engagement. Once you’ve found the right prospects, SignalHire also makes it easy to contact them directly by providing personal and professional email addresses confirmed by third-party verification services.

As salespeople, we spend too much time chasing up worthless contact information that never leads anywhere, so this feature has the potential to save us a lot of time and effort that we can instead spend on pursuing quality prospects.

Additionally, the simple fact that SignalHire provides direct contact information is also advantageous, as approaching prospects without a middleman is likely to make more of an impression than just another message piled up in their LinkedIn mailbox.

4. SalesWings

SalesWings is a tool to help you monitor and evaluate all of your inbound leads. The service works by tabulating every action a lead makes through your online shopfront, such as visiting your site, opening links in an email, playing a video, or following a support ticket.

By notifying you of each and every activity, you can discover where each lead is at in the purchasing funnel and understand which sales tactics will be most effective at a given time. So, if, for example, you find your lead playing a video, you can send them a link to a demo so that they can immediately follow through on their interest.

SalesWings also lets you put together a personalized lead scoring framework that will prioritize different actions according to you your personal customization. When you’re trying to keep tabs on a high volume of leads, this feature is invaluable in helping you capitalize on their most recent behaviors for maximum effect.

5. RightInbox

The world of sales is nothing if not hectic, and success requires us to be able to keep track of high volumes of leads so that we can pivot when the time is right. RightInbox is a productivity suite for Gmail that can help you stay on track of your workload.

There are features for creating and scheduling workflows for email campaigns that offer follow-up notifications and can track when people open emails, along with the ability to create and customize email templates and message signatures. RightInbox is a versatile service with many features for inbox and email management, which can tackle a lot of different jobs through a single extension.

The Bottom Line

There’s no shortage of Chrome extensions available to help with sales, but it pays to stick with the services that do a few things very well instead of choosing to slow down your browser with a glut of mediocre tools. The above tools all have plenty to offer you, no matter the industry you’re working in, and many will help with tracking and organizing the various live leads that you’re actively pursuing.

However, regardless of the number of organizational tools you install onto your browser, lead generation is still at the core of a successful sales campaign. So we’re sure that should be the first choice for salespeople looking to boost their performance.

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