5 Essential And Important Tips For Safer Online Shopping

We all love browsing through the range at our local retailer or browsing online at our favorite e-tailer. As you click through your purchases or swipe your card, do you ever give a second thought to the security of your personal information as you check out? Is online shopping really as secure as they make it out to be?

Technology advances and with it so does the threat of theft of your personal data and the potential of fraud be committed in your name. Here are 5 essential tips for safer shopping both online and offline.

1. Use A Payment Service Provider

If you enjoy shopping online then you are sure to have handed out your credit card or debit card details more than once. Every time that you give out your card details you expose yourself to risk of theft of your card information and possible fraud being conducted on your account.

[pullquote]Avoid this pitfall by using a payment service provider.[/pullquote] A payment service provider such as PayPal or Google Checkout allows you to create an account on their site and then use them as an intermediary to pay for your purchases online. This ultimately increases your online security to an almost impenetrable level where your information is as safe as it can be right now.

There are hundreds of retailers that accept Paypal and Google checkout, all you need to do is select their icon when completing your checkout on the retailer’s site.

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2. Improve Your Password Security

Password security is incredibly important as a safeguard for your personal accounts. Many people still use one password or a variation of it for all of their accounts. This can be a very dangerous practice. Hackers have sophisticated tracking software that logs keystrokes and by using an insecure password, you increase the likelihood of them discovering your password.

The best way to increase your password security is by using a free online password generator. This tool will automatically generate a random password for you to use. Log all your passwords on a spreadsheet and update them every six months as a matter of good security practice.

3. Remember To Log Out

Always log out of any account before leaving the site. Leaving pages open to sensitive accounts can cost you dearly. All it takes is a simple click to increase your personal security when entering the online shopping , why take the risk?

4. Never Let Sales Staff Make Copies Of Your Card

When you are in a restaurant or a sales location, make sure you keep your card on you at all times. Never let a sales attendant walk away with your card. Ask them to bring a portable point of sale machine to you, or visit the machine with them and never take your eyes off of your card at any time in the sale.

5. Use A RFID Wallet

The RFID chips embedded in your bank cards and passport are easy targets for knowledgeable criminals. Portable RFID scanners can be used by criminals to scan the chip’s information while you are totally unaware of them doing so.

Protect yourself from this scam by using a RFID wallet such as the model available from Ibricraft. The wallet blocks the frequency of RFID scanners and keeps your data safe. A strip of aluminum is manufactured into the lining of the wallet, protecting your RFID chips from being read by unapproved sources.

Don’t Become A Victim – Stay Alert

Use these five easy tips to improve your security whether you are online shopping or offline shopping in the world. Stay one step ahead of criminals and be prepared for anything. Taking a proactive approach to the safety and security of your personal data will ensure that you are less likely to become a victim, don’t let it happen to you.

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5 Essential And Important Tips For Safer Online Shopping

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