5 Marketing Mistakes That Bury Your Leads

In today’s world, the most important thing for companies, brands, and businesses is the right marketing. Creating an image and promoting the word about your company’s services or products is what builds relations and ultimately makes a sale. In fact, with the number of aids and tools, we have available, there are no terrible marketers in the world.

Every one researches about their target audience, the most widely used platforms, the type of content that is preferred and even the time of posting it, in both, online and offline, settings. If you do not have the results to show for all the efforts that you put into research, there must be something wrong. Here are the five big mistakes that you might be making when you are doing everything right.

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Your Blogs Are Great But Not Enough

When it comes to marketing and lead scoring, the key is consistency. If you have a blog that you used to promote your products, educate people about your services, your values, your expert opinions, or anything else related to your business, then that blog becomes a vital organ of your marketing strategy.

However, the error occurs in this strategy when your marketing team does not publish enough blogs for readers/potential customers to stay hooked to your company. You may have the best blog in the entire world, but it cannot be significant for your revenue unless you fuel it up to its full potential.

This is simply because the internet is laden with information from every nook of the world, and it is growing exponentially. So to stay at par with your competitors, it will take more than two blogs per week.

Your Advertisements Are Attractive, But There Is No Contact Information

Advertising is essential, and of course, you are doing but if you miss out to give your contact information (preferably for multiple channels) its nothing but a waste of resources. And this is applicable for both offline and online ads. So even if your pamphlets have your contact information, but most of your audience is surfing the internet, your PPC ads will also require a great CTA or contact info.

You Are Not Giving Many Lucrative Discounts But Too Many Discounts

As customers, we have become accustomed to finding discounts all around us. So much so that we might choose not to buy something unless we are given a “great deal”. For you, as brands, it is a whole different story when you choose to slash your prices to attract new customers.

In reality, it is a crucial sales & marketing strategy, which is applied mostly to pull the company out of a sales trough. For B2B businesses, the process of discounting is more or less the same as B2C – Difficult to close sales → drop prices → sales spike. Problem solved? Not really. Here’s why.

Occasional discounts in good faith to loyal customers is one thing and making it a practice is another. When you choose to sell your product on discounted prices always, it conveys your lack of confidence in your products and their standard rates.

For many customers, low-priced products or those which can be easily discounted can be perceived as low in value. When you are trying to make a sale, the last thing that you need is the conversation to be concentrated on price. And that is precisely what happens the moment you mention a discount. Diverting the customer’s attention from the value of your product for them upon its price is never a good sales strategy.

You Have A Fantastic Website, But You Do Not Keep It Updated

It is the extremely dynamic nature of marketing that keeps it exciting and others interested in it. That being said, updating your website is crucial for business growth, not just for the visual appeal but also for its functionality.

Outdated content stops ranking on SERPs, your landing pages become stagnant and lose their effectiveness among customers, and even the security of your data gets compromised if you fail to update your website. The result? Your traffic starts declining and leads get buried.

Your website has an easily accessible “contact” section, but nobody is responding to the queries. Like every great website, you have added a shiny section with your number and email ID, but if you never check your inbox or fail to respond to calls, there’s a very high chance of missing out on a lead.

In fact, research shows that about 55% of companies take over five days to respond to their web leads, and 12% do not respond at all. Thus, if you have active contact channels for your potential customers, keeping a check on it might open up many more deals.


There are many more possible flaws that marketer might make in planning their strategies. But what matters is how proactively these flaws are corrected. Lead generation, sales and marketing are continuous processes; it takes consistency and patience. So don’t stop and Keep selling!

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